Yoga for Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico

by Kortney Campbell on September 29, 2017


On Sunday, October 8th, we will come together to open our hearts, and share space with eachother and the same Earth Mother whose rage recently caused distruction in Puerto Rico (amongst other areas).

100% of the proceeds from this love-offering-based yoga class will be given to Save the Children, an organization currently on the ground in Puerto Rico, assisting families.

This is an all levels class. We will overlook North Shore Beach, near the Palm Arboretum at the intersection of 11th Ave NE & Northshore in St. Pete, FL. Bring your towel or mat, a bottle of water and a desire to connect and send love to our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.  RSVP HERE.

If you can’t make the class, but would still like to donate to the cause, you can CLICK HERE.

Depression + Suicide | Don’t Battle the Beast Alone

by Kortney Campbell on August 13, 2014

Robin William's Star I’ve been wondering why the death of Robin Williams, a man I never knew, is upsetting me so much. I’ve been emotional, on edge and fighting tears all week. Then I realized, it’s August. I’m reliving past emotions that I’ve never really been able to express or talk about. When I can’t talk though, I usually write.

The sting of losing someone you love to suicide always arrises at the most inconvenient times. For instance, when you find out you’re pregnant and the midwife wants to know about your family history.

“Are both parents living?”

“No, just my mom.”

“How did your father die?”

You learn to answer the question before it’s even asked. “No, just my mom” eventually becomes “My dad is dead. He killed himself.”

The silence and lack of eye contact you receive after saying the words is the worst part. 

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Vegan Recipe | Roasted Rhubarb Granola Muffins

by The Vegan Cookie Fairy on August 8, 2014

Roasted Rhubarb Muffins Title1 Rhubarb gets me into a frenzy. Every year it’s the same: those pretty, slender stalks that bear my two favorite colours only visit our vegetable patches for a short while and before you know it, they’ve gone. So I panic, buy loads, try to make the most of them, but I just end up making lots of rhubarb crisp.

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The Things You Wish Someone Told You About Miscarriage

by Kortney Campbell on August 7, 2014

Baby When you find out you’re pregnant, they always say you should wait to “announce” it until you’re out of the first trimester “just in case something happens.” I’m assuming this is so you don’t have to go through the sting of telling every person that asks, “how are you doing?” that you’re no longer pregnant. So that when you tell them and they look at you confused, you don’t have to say, “There was a baby. Now there is not.” 

No one expects to miscarry. Especially if you’ve previously experienced a perfectly healthy pregnancy. And no one tells you that, even at just 10 weeks, it will be difficult to accept.

When you’re happy about being pregnant, you make plans. You start to rearrange your toddlers toys to make room for a baby swing. You order “best friend” t-shirts for your toddler and newborn and a baby doll for your wild-first-child to practice being gentle. You search for a bigger house that feels more like “home” to make your husband more comfortable with your dream to have a homebirth. You start group texts with your pregnant friends then feel like they’re scared to let you in on their experiences once you tell them you lost the baby. 

No one tells you how alone you will feel. 

This is probably because most miscarriages happen before anyone really knows you’re pregnant. In that “just in case” time period. And it’s not like you want to say “Hey, by the way…I was pregnant. Now I’m not. Just thought you should know.” 

And this is why I feel I should talk about it. Because if you’ve gone through a miscarriage, or if you’re going through one now, you shouldn’t have to feel alone. 

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bars_plated  These sticky, sweet, chewy, crunchy wonders are perfect for any summer party you’re going to. I designed the recipe to make 12-16 bars (in a 9×13 pan) so you’d have enough for a crowd. I made them, along with cream cheese brownies and chocolate peanut butter fudge squares, for a baby shower and they were a huge hit. My dear friend Ivy (whom said shower was for) has a chocolate-loving, carnivore father who proclaimed they were his favorite (after carefully taste-testing all three options). You can easily use any jam or preserve you’d like if apricots aren’t your thing. And you can mix pecans, walnuts, or any other nut into the coconut topping (or leave out nuts all together). These aren’t as precious as a lot of baked goods (meaning, they’re flexible and hard to screw up). So, experiment and enjoy!

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vegan cheesecake

Hello! It’s Court from Kind Mom again! Happy 4th! This month I’m sharing my absolute FAVORITE homemade dessert! It’s a super indulgent, but easy to make, chocolate chip cheesecake. This cheesecake is always a hit at parties, and my friends & family request it often. I made this one for my Birthday so I added a bit of festive red sprinkles.

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Vegan + Gluten-Free Recipe | Lavender Chocolate Truffles

by The Vegan Cookie Fairy on June 25, 2014

IMG_2059 copy

I am a chocolate truffle fiend. No truffle is safe from me – if it’s vegan and it’s made of chocolate, I will eat it. I’ve got a fair collection on my own blog already, from traditional praline truffles to more, shall we say, extravagant ones, but I think I’ve really pushed the boundaries of my tastebuds with these Lavender Chocolate Truffles.

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IMG_0048 This might be a bit blasphemous to some, but I tend to prefer a hearty crumble to a pie any day of the week.  I think it’s because I love the combination of hearty grains and juicy, seasonal fruit.  There’s not too much prep work involved with crumbles like there is with a pie.  But, this lack of work certainly doesn’t take away from the end result.  Since they tend to be my go-to dessert, the way I make crumbles has evolved over time. I’ve started using quinoa flakes for their nutritional benefits and added depth of flavor and texture.  Like oats, they pair really well with fruit.

In this version, I used a combination of local rhubarb, strawberries, and dewberries.  It was the one week I was able to get all three locally, so I tried to use them in a way that would let their natural sweetness and flavors shine through.  In case you aren’t familiar with them, dewberries are a type of wild blackberry that grow down here in my neck of the woods.  Since it’s pretty warm here, they ripen in late spring/early summer.  Feel free to use any type of berry in their place if you can’t get your hands on some.  This combination ended up being my favorite to date.  The rhubarb really ties everything together and provides its characteristic tart contrast.

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haut 10-minute makeup From the models on the runways to the ‘no-makeup selfies’, more natural, healthy looks are being embraced. Keeping those trends in mind, we have created a 10-minute, natural look with our vegan makeup that focuses on the basics: protecting our skin from the environmental elements with natural SPF and balancing the skin tone (mine is hyper pigmentation and cystic acne scarring). A simple and quick addition of color, just to put that extra little skip in your step, can be applied to the lips, cheeks and eyes, all with the same product.
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Healthy Living | The Optimal Way To Lose Weight

by Kenna Smoot on May 27, 2014

There are many different diets. From Paleo (caveman-inspired diet), Gluten Free (a lot of people without celiac disease are adopting this diet), Raw Food (no foods cooked about 116 degrees), Vegetarian (no meat but consumes eggs and dairy), Pescatarian (no meat except fish), Vegan (no animal products), Atkins (mostly protein, no carbs), the list goes on and on…

Lose-Weight-Vegan It’s said that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise (source) so it does matter what you’re eating, but there are many different diets out there so which one is the best? It seems most fitness diets promote a high protein, low carb diet, but is that necessarily the healthiest?
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