10 Things I Love About My Mister

by Kortney Campbell on March 14, 2012

You know that movie 10 things I hate about you? Yeah, well this post is kind of like that movie…only the exact opposite of the title. We were feeling super googly-eyed about our husbands so we decided to share 10 things we love about them! Hopefully it will inspire you to think of some things you love about your special someone.

Kortney & John:

So, you’ve seen a little about why I love my amazingly wonderful husband, John, in our Valentine’s Day post. However,  I’m so excited to sit down to list a few reasons why he’s my #1:

  1. He’s a creative genius. Maybe genius is the wrong word – I don’t want to give him a big head! But regardless, I dream of having 1/2 the artistic mind he has. Whether it’s painting, music, design etc., he always excels and never ceases to impress me!
  2. He’s over protective. This is something I’ve loved and hated at times. I’ve always been the independent type, at times offended by how protective he could be. When it comes down to it though, he always makes sure I’m safe.
  3. He’s a dreamer & passionate about it. There’s never a time that he isn’t chock full of some of the most amazing ideas I’ve ever heard. From telling me a story about his favorite video game to planning his next big idea, he’s always filled with excitement. Sometimes it’s so much that he sits up all night scheming! Now I just need to push him to believe in them as much as I do and we’ll be millionaires in no time!
  4. He loves my cooking. When we 1st started dating, I would have NEVER imagined him giving up meat, let alone eating vegan food on the reg. Without even trying, I won him over & he’s my biggest fan in the kitchen.
  5. He always has my back, but will set me straight when I’m in the wrong. If at any time, I decided to go up against a challenge, he is on my team (no matter how ridiculous it makes him look). However, at the end of the day, he always makes sure to let me know when I’m being senseless.
  6. He fights for what he loves. Literally. He’s the best/most loyal friend in the entire world. If you mess with something or someone he loves, you’re up shiz creek. If he loves you, he’ll go to prison for you.
  7. He supports me in everything. Like John, I’m a dreamer too. When I come up with new ideas (like Vegan Housewives), he supports them whole heartedly & would invest every penny we have into making my dreams a reality.
  8. He’s the best dad in the world & we don’t even have a baby yet. John LOVES kids. Most guys will hold a baby for a second then give them back at the first sign of tears. Not my boo though! He is always the 1st to pick them up & pace around the house until everyone is happy. I can’t wait to have a baby Campbell.
  9. He isn’t a typical guy. He is in no way feminine, but he’s nothing like any guy I’ve ever met. At times we joke that I’M the one that “doesn’t listen” and does stereotypical “male” things. I love that he isn’t like every other male out there. I’ve got a special one.
  10.  He is one of the most God-fearing men I know. I typically don’t share my religious beliefs on here. I am in no way ashamed of what I believe, but I never want to push religion (or even veganism) on another person. However, this is the #1 reason that John & I are married today. I truly believe he’s my soul mate.

Katie & Alexander:

Katie here! Hope you guys enjoyed my carrot cookies (and video of my cutie husband) yesterday. Here’s a picture of Alexander and I a few years ago while we were dating & a few reasons I love him.

  1. He follows his dreams. Alexander always says he never wants to work a 9-5 and so far he hasn’t. He works extremely hard to be able to do exactly what he wants to be doing.
  2. He eats everything. Although sometimes the fact that he will eat anything bothers me, it also means he’ll eat my recipe fails. Too dense cupcakes? He calls them muffins!
  3. He loves to cook. Alexander is always cooking different ethnic foods & pushing me to try them. He cooked me my first serving of curry last year!
  4. He is very wise. I can talk to him about anything and he always seems to know what to say.
  5. He is close with his family. I am very close with my family so when I met Alexander & found how close he is to his family, i thought it was amazing. I figured, if his family is important to him, ours would important be too.
  6. He is easy going. Now that was the understatement of the year. I think the reason that we never fight is because he is so easy to get along with.
  7. I can trust him. When he’s out of town or out late I have never worried about what he was doing.
  8. He always puts the toilet seat down. Sometimes it’s the small things.
  9. He’s considerate. He always thinks of me and is super sweet.
  10. He gets me. We can goof off & laugh together. We just fit.

So, basically what we’re getting at here is: we REALLY love our husbands. What’s your favorite thing about your significant other?

Top 2 photos by Stacy Paul Photography.

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    Rainy Day March 15, 2012 at 10:43 am

    Kort that was just the sweetest thing i’ve EVER read…….YOU ARE SO BLESSED!



    Lynsay Mahon March 15, 2012 at 11:01 am

    Love your post. I too, am smitten with my man, and your reasons made me smile!


    Kassie March 15, 2012 at 11:05 am

    You’ve inspired me!! I’m getting to work on my list of ten of my wonderful hubs right now. However, ten simply won’t be enough!


    Sarah Span April 5, 2012 at 10:37 pm



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