A 50% Off Celebration on Vegan Housewives!

by Vegan Housewives on January 14, 2014

Vegan-housewives-New-Look There have been a few small changes to the look of Vegan Housewives and we’re pretty excited! The photos will be bigger and everything is just a little cleaner for 2014.

That being said, we want to celebrate by helping your blog or business grow! Use the code NEWLOOK for 50% off any ad space for rest of the month!

Thanks so much for reading and we look forward to working together in 2014!

ps: Thank you for all of your help, Brandi Bernoski, You’re our WordPress hero!

About Vegan Housewives

Vegan Housewives is a lifestyle blog dedicated to helping empower others by showing that sparing animal products in your day to day life isn't as difficult as it may seem! Here you will find simple vegan recipes, restaurant & product reviews, home baked sweets, DIY hand made creations, fun thrift finds, cruelty-free fashion & beauty supplies, natural pregnancy & birth tips, vegan parenting experiences, and fun things we encounter in daily life! We are so happy to have you here & can’t wait to share our adventures with you!

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