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Yoga for Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico

September 29, 2017


On Sunday, October 8th, we will come together to open our hearts, and share space with eachother and the same Earth Mother whose rage recently caused distruction in Puerto Rico (amongst other areas). 100% of the proceeds from this love-offering-based yoga class will be given to Save the Children, an organization currently on the ground […]

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Depression + Suicide | Don’t Battle the Beast Alone

August 13, 2014

Robin William's Star

I’ve been wondering why the death of Robin Williams, a man I never knew, is upsetting me so much. I’ve been emotional, on edge and fighting tears all week. Then I realized, it’s August. I’m reliving past emotions that I’ve never really been able to express or talk about. When I can’t talk though, I […]

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The Things You Wish Someone Told You About Miscarriage

August 7, 2014


When you find out you’re pregnant, they always say you should wait to “announce” it until you’re out of the first trimester “just in case something happens.” I’m assuming this is so you don’t have to go through the sting of telling every person that asks, “how are you doing?” that you’re no longer pregnant. […]

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Healthy Living | The Optimal Way To Lose Weight

May 27, 2014


There are many different diets. From Paleo (caveman-inspired diet), Gluten Free (a lot of people without celiac disease are adopting this diet), Raw Food (no foods cooked about 116 degrees), Vegetarian (no meat but consumes eggs and dairy), Pescatarian (no meat except fish), Vegan (no animal products), Atkins (mostly protein, no carbs), the list goes […]

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Vegan Wedding Series | Part 3: The Food

May 20, 2014


As wedding season approaches, I want to talk about one of the most important parts of a vegan wedding, or any wedding in fact: the food. You’ve probably already though about this, and maybe even decided on your menu. If so, great. Feel free to skip this instalment of the Vegan Wedding Series. If not, […]

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Vegan Fashion | Get 15% off New Faux Moccs Goods

May 18, 2014


We really love vegan, US-made companies. It feels good to support our ever-growing community, while knowing we’re bringing jobs to our country. This is why we were so excited to start Faux Moccs! We’ve been working hard to bring more products to the vegan market, so I’m so excited to announce a few new items […]

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Vegan Lifestyle | Transitioning From Vegetarian to Vegan

May 17, 2014


When I started my plant based lifestyle, I started out vegetarian. I am a picky eater and I really wanted this to be a lifestyle change, not just some fad diet. Going vegetarian gave me a way to ease into it. I gave myself one year to figure out how to adopt more of a […]

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Vegan Wedding Planning | Part 2: The Theme & Stationary

April 16, 2014

Wedding Series 2

Last month we discussed the first few things to do when planning your wedding, such as pulling together your guest list and finding a venue. Today, I want to talk about two of my favourite parts: the theme and the stationary! While finding a wedding theme might seem daunting (it will dominate much of your wedding […]

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Healthy Vegan Living | The B-12 Debate

April 8, 2014


If you have been vegan for 1/2 a second, you know how frequently people can seem concerned with you B12 intake. Magically, your “concerned” friends are nutrition experts and you’re feeling a little weary about your new lifestyle. Well rest easy, my vegan friend, I’m here to give you the run down on B12, how […]

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Vegan Lifestyle | Being Vegan is Healing…

April 3, 2014


Being vegan is more than just a “food” choice- its a healing process that will benefit you and the planet in more ways than one. Awakening to the horrors of animal slaughter and slavery is only the first step. If you’re vegan already, you know the emotions and conflicts that can go through your head […]

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