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Vegan Lifestyle | Tips for the Traveling Vegan

March 27, 2014


Our family travels a lot, it seems at least once a month or at least every other month we are flying somewhere or road trippin’. Once I have returned from my travels, it seems that more people ask me what I eat on the go, than how my trip was. It also seems to be […]

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Vote Kenna as PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Next Door!

March 22, 2014

Every year, PETA runs their “Sexiest Vegan Next Door” contest. This year, we are so excited that one of our wonderful contributors, Kenna, has been nominated! The winner of the contest will be chosen based off votes alone and will receive a free trip to Hawaii, courtesy of We definitely think this wonderful mom […]

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Vegan Community | This Vegan Family Needs Our Help

March 20, 2014


Community (noun): a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. At times I feel the internet prevents us from true, in-person community building. While at others, I feel it’s an amazing tool that brings so many together for a common cause. Right now, I’m hoping the latter […]

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Healthy Vegan Living | Processed Wheat: Good or Bad?

March 7, 2014


When it comes to a vegan diet, an easy way to get protein are through grains, they fill up even the pickiest of eaters and have been used for thousands of years in nearly every culture. It’s cheap, abundant and can grow in a multitude of conditions and countries. But is it healthy? Wheat has […]

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Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Vegan Sweetie!

February 6, 2014


Who says you have to drop a ton of money on Valentine’s Day? Sure, the holiday is about showing your significant other that you love them, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune (or any at all!) to show you care. To me, Valentine’s Day is about more than just heart-shaped boxes […]

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Vegan Valentine’s Day + Anniversary Gift Ideas

January 27, 2014


While everyone is on their “I hate Valentine’s Day” and “Tell someone you love them daily” rants, I’m going to let you know that I think Valentine’s Day is awesome. And for the record, no one is ranting about how their birthday shouldn’t exist because they should be appreciated daily. Should you be loved and […]

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Vegan Lifestyle | 5 Tips for Traveling Vegans

January 24, 2014


Last week I shared a few photos from our recent trip to Abaco, Bahamas and briefly mentioned that it wasn’t too veg-friendly. I’ve travelled quite a bit since I’ve been vegan (even all over the country in a van with Peta2 for a few months) and this trip was by-far the most unprepared I’ve ever […]

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2014 Week 2 | A Wedding in The Bahamas

January 19, 2014


This past week has been equally crazy and a lot of fun! We left for West Palm Beach on Wednesday in order to catch a flight to Abaco Thursday morning for one of my best friend’s wedding!

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The Top 5 Vegan Myths Debunked

January 17, 2014


I love talking about being vegan, I could go on and on about it for days. But nothing crushes my enthusiasm, as much as someone telling me why they can’t be vegan, or why being vegan is unhealthy and their arguments are completely not founded in reality. I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 […]

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Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning | The Good Home Co

January 12, 2014


Any time I see a product with “Tested on good people, not good animals” printed on the front of the label, it’s safe to say I have to have it. Add eco-friendly, sulfate-free and made in the USA and I’m behind them 100%. I recently got my hands on some of The Good Home Co’s […]

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