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    10 Facts That Will Make You Glad That You’re Vegan

    January 5, 2014


    ….Or make you wish that you were! I’ve compiled 10 awesomely true facts that will make you love being vegan even more than saving all those animals! Cuddle up with a vegan and give this a read.

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    Three Ways to Rock the New Year!

    January 4, 2014


    Happy New Year! Are you ready to rock 2014? Many of us like to have resolutions, set goals, or make promises to ourselves to do something positive in the new year. All of this is totally possible- and easy- as long as you are committed. Yet this can be easier said than done, and for a […]

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    Vegan at Disney World | The Happiest Vegan on Earth

    January 3, 2014


    I was raised a Disney baby. My whole family loves it, a lot. There is something so special about a man who had a huge dream and pursued it despite so many people telling him it wouldn’t happen. I always remember Walt when I start to doubt what I am doing trying to make it […]

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    2014 Bucket List + Kind Mom Giveaway Winner

    January 1, 2014


    Every year I tend to make a list of often immeasurable resolutions that never get met because, in all honesty, I don’t ever really look at them again because I can’t really track the progress. So this year, rather than doing that, I decided to make more of a bucket list for 2014.

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    New Year Resolutions | The “No Yelling” Challenge

    December 31, 2013


    One of the easiest things to do on the internet is talk about how great life is, how wonderful our children are and what they did that just melted our hearts. I love showing gratitude and I think it leads to a healthier outlook on life. Let’s be honest though, life with kids isn’t always […]

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    {GIVEAWAY} | Vintage China from Kind Mom Vintage

    December 29, 2013


    The new year is almost here and we’re celebrating with a little vintage china giveaway courtesy of our friend Courtney over at Kind Mom! The winner of this giveaway will get a complete set of mis-matched vintage china, serves 4. The set includes 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 saucers and 4 teacups. This one […]

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    Vegan Children’s Book Review + Video | Dave Loves Chickens

    December 28, 2013


    I’ve loved books since I was a kid. From being read to by my grandpa every night or reading them myself to looking at the pictures and getting attached to the characters to the point that I am saddened by finishing the book, I adore the entire experience. It seems this love for resding has […]

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    Family Traditions for the Holidays

    December 27, 2013

    photo 2

    Holiday traditions are always so interesting to me. While many are celebrating the same exact holiday, the way it’s celebrated varies so much. Since Judah was just 2 months old last December, we didn’t do anything too crazy. Since he’s 14 months now, this Christmas we were able to establish some new traditions that I’m […]

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    Family Portrait | Week 16

    December 25, 2013

    Merry Christmas

    I’m feeling so blessed to have these two today. Not that I don’t appreciate them all the time, but there’s something so special and sweet about seeing an excited, tiny human freak out over something that you and your partner/spouse/favorite person ever stayed up late to set up.

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    Multicultural Christmas Musings

    December 23, 2013

    multicultural christmas

    As you may or may not have noticed, I live in Liverpool, United Kingdom, The World, The Universe (etc.), together with my British fiancé. I myself, however, am the holder of a German passport, a country I have spent the majority of my life in, apart from brief stints in South Africa and the United […]

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