Healthy Living DIY | Homemade Toothpaste

January 11, 2014


To date, the coconut oil face scrub is the most popular post on Vegan Housewives. This makes me so happy because that stuff literally changed my life. While I was making a new batch a month or so ago, I thought “why not try making my own toothpaste too?” Well, I did. And I’m obsessed. […]

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Holiday DIY | Leftover Ornament Garland

December 20, 2013


Since today is the last day of school before winter break (for most kids around here), I figured I’d share this super simple Holiday Garland DIY. You definitely don’t need kids to make it, but if you have them, it’s an awesome way to have fun with your family and keep the kids occupied! It […]

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Holiday Kid Craft | DIY Christmas Stationary

December 12, 2013

will be garland vegan

The closer to Christmas it gets, the more fabulous activities are happening around the house to get us excited and maybe even overwhelmed a tiny bit. Not much cooking is going on these days, but we do craft like crazy so the big family table gets used properly. This time we came up with the […]

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Family-Friendly Craft | Painting Pebbles

November 8, 2013

stone foot vh

With an extra hour on our hands thanks to daylight saving time, we’re always looking for family-friendly crafts and our painting supplies tend to be the go-to choice lately. Although there’s no lack in imagination, the majority of the “canvases” our art supplies are used on are typically paper, cardboard, tissues and sometimes even walls […]

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Photography Tips | DIY Spooky Halloween Lighting

October 31, 2013


BOO! It’s a day for ghosts and ghouls, and apple cider and lots and lots of corn syrup. Approximately 90 million lbs of candy will be ingested in the US alone, today. If my first few lines didn’t scare you, I’m putting the rest on you people! Chances are, you or a loved one are […]

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DIY | Metal Chair Transformation

September 13, 2013


I am in love with chairs!  I am always scouting for unique ones in consignment and thrift stores.  They are always begging for a spot in my home and sadly I have to walk away because I know my husband has already warned me to not bring any more furniture home.

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A Real Life Pinterest Party

August 12, 2013


This weekend was one of those packed full, fun weekends that leave you needing a day off to recoup! One of our amazing friends Amber is expecting her 4th little baby and we spent all day Sunday celebrating the new little life growing inside her belly!

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DIY || Coconut Oil Face Wash

February 4, 2013


Saying I have the most fickle, sensitive skin would be an understatement. If I even look at a non-oil free moisturizer, smell fried foods or hear someone is hormonal, game over – my face breaks out. In my lifetime, I’ve tried everything from the gentlest facial cleaners to oral and topical prescription treatment and none […]

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DIY || Homemade Cleaners

January 17, 2013


Our awesome aromatherapy loving friend Andrea is back today sharing some more amazing recipes to keep your home safe and clean!

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Skinny Jeans DIY Alterations

January 8, 2013

skinny jeans alteration

Since I’m only 5’1″ I have a hard time finding pants that fit how I like them to so I usually end up altering them myself. These pants in particular were supposed to be ankle length, but instead they bunched up at the bottom, so I decided to fix that! (Fun Fact: You can’t tell […]

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