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Vegan Thanksgiving | Holiday Recipe Round-Up

November 14, 2013


With the holidays just around the corner, we wanted to put together a little vegan recipe roundup for Thanksgiving! Here are 20 of our favorite holiday recipes…

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Gluten-Free + Vegan Recipe | Mini Rosemary Apple Crumbles

November 4, 2013

apple crumbles 5

The leaves are changing and the ubiquitous Starbucks red holiday cups have made a return for the season.  This is usually the cue for me to start planning for the holidays (eek!) and getting my butt into gear.  All of the holiday prep usually leads to comfort food cravings, especially in regard to sweets!  Just […]

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Gluten-Free + Vegan Recipe | Butternut Squash Mac n’ Cheese

November 2, 2013


When people start getting all pumpkin crazy (circa October every year), I sneak over to the squash bin and buy up all the butternuts. I think roasted butternut squash makes just about everything better (soup, pizza, pasta, pie…I could go on). Roasting the squash makes it sweet and addictive. This simple baked macaroni and cheese […]

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Vegan Recipe | Italian “Drunken” Noodles

October 24, 2013


I veganized this amazing dish I found on Pinterest the other night and I think it may be my new favorite recipe. It was so flavorful, filling and absolutely delicious. Plus, my kids loved it and wanted seconds. Here’s my vegan version of Italian Drunken noodles:

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Gluten-Free + Vegan Recipe | Curried Garbanzo Beans + Sweet Potatoes

October 20, 2013


This past week, it finally started to cool off and feel like fall (well, Florida fall at least). It’s so wonderful! To cembrace the season, we’ve been eating a lot of orangey, fall-worthy meals (I shared the Pumpkin Alfredo here)! I’ve also been trying to make our meals baby friendly so that Judah can try […]

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Vegan Recipe | Fall Pumpkin Alfredo

October 14, 2013


I really love pumpkin everything. Seeds. Beer. Lattes. Candles. I mean, to be honest, I’ll just eat it out of the can. This week I’ve been longing to feel like it’s actually fall so I decided to conjure up some sort of savory pumpkin dish that the whole family could eat! October never feels like […]

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Vegan Recipe | Autumn Quinoa Granola

October 7, 2013


I figured I would ease into gluten free (and vegan!) baking with something that most everyone loves… granola!  As someone that bakes granola for a living, I’ve come to prefer the homemade kind to the sugary, tasteless stuff you find at the grocery store.  I can impart so much more flavor into my granola by […]

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Vegan Recipe | Mediterranean Farro Bowl

October 3, 2013


Farro is a delicious Italian grain that is hearty, filling and has a great texture. The flavors in this bowl are inspired by some of my favorite pizza toppings. This recipe can easily be scaled up or down, and is great warm or at room temperature (and would be great to haul to a picnic […]

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Vegan Recipe | Crockpot Refried Beans

September 26, 2013


What do you make when giving a Baja baby shower for a vegetarian with mostly vegan friends and family members?  Tacos, of course! And what better to stuff them with than refried beans?! When we were planning our fillings, Katie mentioned a friend whom had a great homemade refried bean recipe.  She told me that […]

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Vegan Recipe | Dry Fry Maple Soy Purple Cabbage

September 16, 2013


I usually try to take pictures of the cooking process much more than I did with this recipe. However, in all honesty, it was so simple and last minute that I wasn’t planning on enjoying it enough to share. But I did. So…I’ll share.

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