Cruelty-Free Beauty | A Vegan Makeup Chain Reaction

by Haut Cosmetics on April 4, 2014

aloe-cream-titns In one hand I hold my makeup brush and apply a little Marble Aloe Cream Tint as eyeliner to my lash line with practiced precision. In my other hand I hold my sweet little one-year-old! My other two kiddos wrestle around my feet as I wrestle to brighten up my eyes and disguise those dark circles that linger there.  I can’t  help it!  I want to appear as though I had more than 4 hours of sleep.

I don’t desire to trick people that I come across in my day. The fact is, I may not even leave the house, but if someone did send a compliment my way it will cause me to stand a little taller. Or better yet, my heart would  melt beyond recognition if my four-year old or two year old said, “Mom, you look beautiful!”  If I can catch that glimpse of myself in the mirror or in the reflection of a window and I appear as though I have it all together then I begin to get it together!  A sort of  “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Catch a glimpse of your true beauty We can become very aware of our skin, especially if we are experiencing problems with it. There is your regular old acne, cystic acne, allergic reactions, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and the list goes on. This can have such negative effects on how we carry ourselves, our inner confidence. Writer Christine Coppa says it well in an article, “I find makeup to be energizing and a sort of antidepressant.” She is so right!  When you are down it will help pick you up and a chain reaction will occur.

I can spend ten minutes (yes, with baby in arms too!) applying makeup for a complete look that will allow me to brighten my dark eyes, even out my freckly complexion, cover up the redness of the cystic acne that plagues me, even do some highlight and contouring, a light pink to the cheeks and viola! I am ready to conquer whatever is thrown at me, literally!

I find it so helpful to have the simplistic stackable packaging design of Haut Cosmetics.  All of the products I use on a daily basis are in one easy stackable palette. I can use the same bio-cocoa balm on my lips as on my cheeks multitasking at its best! “It’s easy to brush off the importance of ‘me time’ but it’s a must to keep you at your best.” I say brush ON some “me time” with raw and natural cosmetics lines such as Haut!

aug-brighteners2 And now, speaking of multitasking, let’s review the benefits of that ’10-minute makeup meditation’:

  1. I feel energized, I feel at my best to care for my kids.
  2. I took a moment for myself.
  3. The kids had some alone time with each other (depending on age of course).
  4. The kids learned to care for themselves.

amy before and after An added bonus later on in the day? Hubby appreciates his trendy -looking wife when he comes home and gives her a big kiss on her pretty orange lips (see Spring Lips 2014)! Hats off to you stay-at-home moms, you’ve got this!  You deserve a little luxury and time for yourself so take it when you can and feel your inner beauty exude outwards.   My sister Joanne, Creator of Haut Cosmetics, says it best, “Feminine charm is not only in the outward appearance; it is in the way one discreetly pleases the soul.”

Quotes from:

Juhea Kim, Writer of Peaceful Dumpling
Apryl Duncan, Writer of

About Haut Cosmetics

It has been her lifelong passion to bring out a glimpse of the true beauty of anyone who crosses her path. Joanne first embarked on this journey as a young writer. Any free moment was spent sketching pictures or writing poems and short stories about the special people in her life. With a large family of artists in her midst, she learned to appreciate the gift of creativity. Her greatest joy has been in doing freelance makeup for the past fourteen years. Her drive to illustrate beauty gained momentum when she lost one of the most vibrant and influential forces in her life, her grandmother. After her passing her diaries were uncovered and in them her grandmother described feelings of not being ‘pretty enough’. Yet, throughout her life her grandmother’s presence always lit up a room. That is true beauty…so exquisite it is timeless. Joanne’s life experiences have led her to believe that feminine charm is not only in the outward appearance; it is in the way one discreetly pleases the soul. HAUT, meaning ‘skin’ in German, has been created in a divine quest to redefine ‘pretty’ as being a colourful reflection of the inner details. A little about Amy... Amy is a wife and mother of three who enjoys the simple things in life. She strives to bring wholesome goodness to this world whether it is through her friendly personality or through her works. The things that bring joy to her life are family and friends, the smiles on her children’s faces, healthy living which includes maintaining an exercise routine, eating lots of vegetables and fruit and breathing in the freshness of the outdoors. Amy enjoys being a part of her sister’s Haut Cosmetics Line, collaborating on new ideas, contributing to the company’s PR and social media department. When Amy is working outside the home it would be as a Certified Dental Assistant or volunteering at the local Co-op Produce Market.

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