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    by Kortney Campbell on December 1, 2013

    Vegan-Cuts As you may know, we love Vegan Cuts around here. The snack box was the shiz and their beauty box is officially one of my new favorite things to come in the mail! I’ve always been skeptical about “beauty box” subscriptions (or any subscription for that matter), but they’ve got me hooked. What’s nice with their stuff is if you like the trial size of the items, you can buy the full-sized version on Vegan Cuts at their discounted price!

    Here’s what came in my 1st Beauty Box:

    Vegan-deodorant North Coast Organics Aluminum-free Deodorant | I’m not sure if discussing armpits is a “TMI” type thing, but mine are SO sensitive. I’ve tried so many different products and they either leave me sweaty and gross, with a rash or filled with chemicals. Since I’m not down with the chemicals or rash, I have settled for option number 1 more times than I care to admit. This stuff is awesome though- while it isn’t an anti-perspirant, coconut oil is a miracle worker that fights off odor-causing bacteria and keeps you smelling fresh! I love coconut oil paired with lavender already so this stuff has my sweaty little heart!

    Vegan-Lip-Balm Pacifica Coconut-Infused Lip Butter | I may have mentioned my love for red lips a few times. However, now that I’m a professional baby kisser, I’ve been going au-natural more often (or just using chapstick). This stuff is great though. It has more of the soft, cozy chapstick-feel, while still giving you long-lasting color. And it doesn’t leave my little one looking like he’s been in a fight with my lipstick bag.

    photo 3 Earth’s Enrichments Body Bar Soap | I’m pretty picky about my soaps. I don’t like when they leave my skin feeling super dry and depleted, but at the same time, I hate feeling like I can’t rinse it off no matter how hard I try. This stuff is the perfect balance. And once again, I chalk it up to their use of coconut oil!

    photo 4 Rainbow Honey Nail Lacquer | I’m not usually big on painting my nails- partly because it is so difficult to find polish that isn’t filled with crazy chemicals. However, I’m really impressed with this company! Not only is their stuff lacking in the chemical department, but it’s made in the good ole USA!

    photo 1 Medusa’s Makeup 3-in-1 Body Shimmer, Blush, Foundation & Brush | When it comes to make-up, I tend to keep it fairly simple. I love that this product has multiple uses and their blending brush is my new favorite “tool”! I can’t wait to check out their other products!

    The only “downside” to this beauty box is that I definitely see full-size purchases in my near future!

    If you’re on the fence about whether or not a Beauty Box is in your near future, to celebrate Cyber Monday, Vegan Cuts is having some awesome deals that may just be the extra push you need:

    3 Months Gift Subscription $59 (reg. $70)
    6 Months Gift Subscription $99 (reg. $115)

    BONUS: First 50 buyers will receive a bag of Chicago Vegan Foods Dandies MINI Marshmallows (10 oz./238 g.) 


    3 Months Gift Subscription $59 (reg. $70)
    6 Months Gift Subscription $99 (reg. $115)

    BONUS: First 50 buyers will receive a limited-edition Vegan Cuts Cosmetic Bag and a bar of Fanciful Fox’s handmade soap (5 oz)

    offer-nycarepkg_w NY for the Holidays Care Pack
    Reg. $60 on sale for $39 with free shipping to the U.S

    If you haven’t checked out Vegan Cuts yet, I highly suggest using their Cyber Monday sale- you’ll be hooked!
    And after your finished shopping tomorrow, our friend Kari is having an awesome webinar to teach you how to rid yourself (and your home) of toxic chemicals! Check it out here! 

    CYBER-MONDAY Oh, and if you’d like to advertise on Vegan Housewives, we’re having a little sale too: 50% off all ad space using the code CYBERMONDAY!

    Happy shopping! Which Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday sales do you plan on hitting (or already hit)!

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