Vegan Recipe | Easy Vegan Pumpkin Pie Bites

by Kortney Campbell on November 28, 2012

I am absolutely infatuated with the holidays – from the smell of the Christmas tree scented candles and fresh baked goodies to the bright lights, cool weather and fake snow (we do what we can in Florida). I just cant get enough! This year, they mean even more than usual now that I have a little baby boy to shower with gifts and lots of love. However, since his late October arrival, I’ve learned that for the first few months, I can pretty much forget about getting anything done. I have quickly come to realize that I am nothing but a food source and a comfy place for a nap. So my usual holiday cooking? Forget about it…

Vegan Desserts | Holiday Treats Pumpkin Pie is one of my all time favorites, but unfortunately, since I don’t have any other vegans in the family, I’m the one that usually makes this holiday-must-have and there was no way I wasn’t going to have one this month! A while back, I used phyllo cups to make pizza bites and a blueberry cream cheese dessert , so I figured I’d use the same concept to come up with a simpler, baking-with-a-newborn friendly pumpkin pie alternative. The best part? You probably have most of the ingredients already and the prep time is next to nothing!

Vegan Pie Recipe | Vegan Food What You Need:

  • 45 mini phyllo cups (I used 3 packs of “Athens Mini Fillo Shells”)
  •  1 can of pureed pumpkin
  • 1 container of Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese
  •  1 cup of brown sugar
  •  1/4 cup of corn starch

Vegan Pie | Holiday Dessert | Recipe What to Do:

  • Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine the pumpkin, cream cheese, brown sugar & corn starch (make sure the cream cheese is room temperature or slightly heated for easy mixing).
  • Line a baking sheet with the phyllo cups & fill them with a large tablespoon of the well mixed pumpkin mixture.
  • Bake for 40 minutes.
  • Remove from the oven & let cool for 15-30 minutes (we skipped this part & couldn’t taste anything for days, so I would highly suggest it).

These little treats are a hit with vegans and carnivores alike, so be sure to hide a few for yourself at the next dinner party!

What’s your favorite holiday sweet? I’d love to try a vegan version, so feel free to leave a few ideas in the comments below and I’ll get to work!

About Kortney Campbell

I'm Kortney; a wife, natural mama and vegan in love with life, food and all things vintage! I've been vegan since December 2007, but have loved to cook & create pretty things since before I can remember. I started Vegan Housewives because I don't think you have to give up the joys of food when going vegan! I have a fondness for re-creating non-vegan recipes (especially my grandma's), making a healthier & animal friendly version so be sure to send me your favorite concoctions by clicking our "share a recipe" button - I would LOVE to veg-i-fy them!

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