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    by Elisabeth Sedlachek on November 8, 2013

    stone foot vh With an extra hour on our hands thanks to daylight saving time, we’re always looking for family-friendly crafts and our painting supplies tend to be the go-to choice lately.

    Although there’s no lack in imagination, the majority of the “canvases” our art supplies are used on are typically paper, cardboard, tissues and sometimes even walls (it’s still happening with my four year old)! We needed something new to stimulate our senses and get us excited about painting again. So the nearby beach came with a helping hand gifting us with dozens of pebbles! Painting pebbles is such a fun experience because you’ll never get one quite like another. Not to mention, they’re free!

    pebble business vh This time around, we opted for simple lines and dots, but really the possibilities are endless – you could use sheer fabric as a stencil for fun designs, use ruffled feathers you find outside as a brush, sparkly dust glued to the gritty surface, you name it! You can also make your own little set of dominoes!

    Chalk pebbles seem to be the easiest to paint and draw on. However any nature’s find tends to be versatile enough! I’m sure there is plenty to be found on the streets, corners of buildings, parks and alleys. Picking up a little “natural canvas” everywhere you go could even be a fun game for trips!

    What are some of your family’s natural canvases?

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