• Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Vegan Sweetie!

    by Randi Tisdall on February 6, 2014


    Who says you have to drop a ton of money on Valentine’s Day? Sure, the holiday is about showing your significant other that you love them, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune (or any at all!) to show you care.

    To me, Valentine’s Day is about more than just heart-shaped boxes and stuffed teddy bears. It’s also about more than just a “date night.” It’s about having a deep connection with someone else, and honoring that. If you think about it, Valentine’s Day resonates with the vegan message- to be more compassionate, more connected, and more loving. Vegans take this message a step further by applying it not just to their loved ones, but all living things.

    Being vegan is love multiplied by a billion.

    This year, make a commitment to show your partner and children just how much they mean to you, by doing something from the heart. Help out around the house, take over an errand, write them a letter, make a card, or shower them with kisses.This is also a perfect time for compassionate activism- showing others how they can do their part to spread the message about awareness, in a loving way.

    For the couple that wants to spend some alone time together, here are three activities you can do with your vegan love for Valentine’s Day:


    1) Grab a meal from your local Vegan cafe’.

    Valentine’s dinner is over-rated. Skip the big day and hit up a small cafe for lunch on the weekend. You won’t have to wait for a table, and your wallet will thank you for it. My favorite hot spot? Dulce Vegan in the ATL.


    2) Take an afternoon stroll in the park.

    Chances are, you’ve been cooped up indoors over the winter months. Bundle up and head outside to soak up some fresh air. You can stay warm by snuggling close with your love.


    3) Create a romantic Vegan dessert.

    Chocolate is a Valentine’s staple for a reason. Whip up a light dessert, and share a plate. You can try this quick and easy strawberry and chocolate dessert by clicking here.

    On top of a fun afternoon, there are many ways we can show our partners we care. The number one important thing? Acknowledging our relationships verbally. Most people don’t want much- just a simple reminder that they are loved. This month, my goal is to extend this love by making as many heart connections as possible. You can join me by doing the same. Try to have as many heart-felt conversations as you can. Speak from a place of sincerity and understanding.

    Most importantly, spread the love, in as many ways as you can. It’s what vegans are made of.

    About Randi Tisdall

    Randi is a full time mama, wife, homeschooler, writer, creator, and all-things-natural lady. She enjoys sharing her experiences for personal growth and healing, particularly for moms and their children. Randi spends weekdays homeschooling her twin daughters while trying to keep up with her growing son. In her spare time, she loves snuggling with her hubby, cooking up vegan desserts, and taking long walks in nature. You can learn more about Randi's adventures on Stay tuned for *Heal While You Sleep* a meditation for healthy balance and relaxation for all ages! Coming to Beautifully Bohemian in April 2014!!!

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