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    by Elisabeth Sedlachek on October 13, 2013

    Walk off and see results (4)

    Actually being in great physical condition and simply appearing to be are two entirely different stories. I’ve always been more on the slim or dragonfly-weight side- never dieted, never trained. I crossed ages, more or less, in size 8 until my daughter was born. And as for strength & conditioning, I spent the first two years post-baby doing the “mom” workout- strengthening my arm and thigh muscles while going grocery shopping and conditioning the grip on the stroller. While it may not seem like an intense workout regimen, looking back, those were the days I could claim my condition to be good for my body and piles of photos taken at that time can vouch.

    As time passed, in an effort to get in great shape, I joined gym for a second and even bought a swimming pass. But because inconsistency was my best mate, I quit. Whenever I was on the toning wagon, it seemed I had never really grasped the opportunity with all the tendons concerned. While doing a little at a time is better than nothing, for most of us, when it comes to exercise we expect great, visible results- not average- in order to stick with it and stay motivated!

    Walk off and see results (9) To get results and stay motivated, this body needs guidance and a great view. So I’m on a mission to team up with the natural beauty that my coast has to offer! I’m a pathetic runner but have the potential to be an excellent walker. Years of traipsing around town have laid the foundations on the way to more than just a casual stroll. So a quick look at the weather forecast and my training shoes were introduced to a surface other than my carpeted floors.

    Without a pedometer or any kind of calorie/distance tracking, my first time walking for exercise was more fun than a proper workout. However, I still managed to walk at a regular pace, adjusting my breath with my step, ensuring my heart rate was slightly elevated, and remembering all the muscles that I had forgotten about.

    Walk off and see results (2) As with most exercise, I ached all over after the first go and still am still sore at times but overall, I feel energized and happy. I like to call it pleasantly exhausted. To stay motivated, I like to find different routes offering different challenges and a change of scenery- a sandy beach, pebbly path, windy dune. I’d love to try to walk in different weather conditions too! Strong winds or even rain to challenge my new-found body. I’m on a mission!

    Walk off and see results (1) Walking for exercise can be fun and even provide a great workout (and what a nice excuse for foot massage). I’m lucky to be living at the seaside so my routes are challenging while the views lift my spirits for extra motivation.

    What are some of your favorite ways to stay motivated and in shape? Walking, running, lifting, Crossfit? I’d love to hear some of your favorite workouts in the comments below!

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    I am Eli (short for Elisabeth). A nightowl, I love to stay up late when I can fully perform - especially read or write. I live in the south of England, a frog jump from the coast and share my space with my beloved husband and my rosey cheeked four year old daughter. I come from Poland, but having lived in the UK for the past 9 years, I can share its citizens' sense of humour, love for other countries' cuisine and lukewarm feelings towards weather (which has been windy recently). I am currently a working mum on the weekends and staying-at-home weekdays having fun blogging, working out and exploring our beautiful city. That's the reality. There are also dreams, hopes, excitement to discover every opportunity to stay happy in my own skin, my own environment and any environment possible. I hope you'll enjoy my appearance here. You can find more from me at

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    Cherie October 21, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    Lovely blog post! I just came across this site a day ago and so far have been loving the stories, inspiration and women who seem to be going through similar things as me. I’m on the same exercise journey, in fact, just took several long walks all over my small town today. Felt great to do it. It can be really challenging to find something that you enjoy and THEN stay motivated to keep doing it.(I’m like you, always been on the naturally thinner side). But, now a chronic health issue is encouraging me to get my butt out the door and avoid the traditional treatments with medications. Hoping to stick with. Keep it up!


    Eli October 24, 2013 at 6:44 am

    I’m glad to hear that, Cherie. Walking is a pleasant exercise and depending on the weather can keep us happy and motivated. Good luck! x


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