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  • Help! I Have a Mean Cat!

    by Katie Charos on September 24, 2013


    Some of you may remember when I introduced Dylan just over a year ago. He was so sweet and definitely the apple of my eye. Dill was great with kids and was always up for snuggling up to strangers.

    One day out of the blue something changed.

    Dill got really aggressive and territorial. We were probably being bad kitten parents by not getting him fixed until he was around 7 months old. He started spraying (which is the worst!) and we quickly got the clue that we were slacking off and he needed to be fixed immediately.


    After Dylan was fixed he stopped spraying within the week (THANK GOD!). Unfortunately his behavior didn’t change. While Dill is nice to us (most of the time) he will attack anyone who he isn’t extremely familiar with. If you follow my instgram you know he attacked my friends face last week. This was not his first time attacking someone but, it was the worst.


    So what do we do? We have watched a ton of My Cat From Hell episodes and done everything Jackson Galaxy recommends. We refuse to get him declawed because it is inhumane. Dylan is always put away in our bedroom when we have guests over but, that is getting really old. My parents suggested I take him to a shelter & let them deal with him (aka- get put down) but, we could never do that.

    Do you have any advice? Have you tried the nail covers? Do they work?

    About Katie Charos

    HI, I'm Katie! Wife to a musician and mother to a hell raising kitten. My passions are all things fashion and beauty. By day I'm a hairdresser and by night i'm a cookie baking and crafting maven. I've been a vegetarian on and off since 2008. I started Vegan Housewives with Kortney because I was tired of seeing so many vegan recipes using expensive, elusive ingredients. I love simple recipes that can be thrown together with ingredients you have in your pantry. You don't have to be a chef to be able to make delicious vegan food.

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    Brittany September 24, 2013 at 9:27 pm

    Hi Katie !
    I have a had a similar situation with our male cat. We waited to get him fixed and he was always very aggressive with our other cats. Now that he’s a little older he has calmed down. It might be a hormonal thing (I’m just guessing I’m not a vet). Your cat looks young , so maybe it’s something all male cats go through. Maybe try to give him more toys to play with when your friends are over or treats.


    Lindsey September 24, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    Take kitty to the vet! Our cat that we didn’t get fixed until he was like 1 is on prozac for kitties. Not because he’s mean, because he never quit with the spraying. Or he might be stressed out in another way. Take him to a kitty specialist!


    Hannah September 25, 2013 at 2:43 am

    My cat was never aggressive, but he went through quite a naughty phase when he was young. Being strict and consistent with him helped, telling him off straight away and not letting anything slide. He never attacked anyone though (except for bare feet, then he went wild) so I’m not sure whether this is of too much help for you. I hope something can be figured out soon :)


    Katie B. September 25, 2013 at 8:44 am

    I agree that maybe you should take him to the vet if possible. He could have some sort of health issue causing him to lash out because of pain or discomfort. It is odd that he only takes it out on humans though. I hope you get it sorted out. Taking him to the shelter would be horrible. :( He’s a beautiful kitty boy!


    Carling September 25, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    another thing you might want to try (if you haven’t already) is the Feliway plug ins and spray you can get at most pet stores. Our male kitty Opie is about 14 months and he was being really aggressive toward our other cat Zelda, always sneak attacking, really intense neck bites and chasing her under the bed at all hours. She’s much smaller than him (shes a munchkin cat) so she was having a tough time defending herself and I felt like we had tried everything. I finally bought the plug ins at Petco which release a pheromone similar to the ones that cats exude when they rub their faces on things to mark them as theirs (or something like that) and it makes them calmer and feel less threatened or territorial which is often a big factor. After about a week, Opie’s aggressiveness subsided significantly, going from 3 or 4 alternations a day to one or even none some days.

    Check it out, its definitely worth a try and has worked wonders bringing Opie back to his old loving self :) Good luck!


    Liz T September 25, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    Something tells me you would have a heck of a time trying to get those Softclaws on Dylan, but it could be worth a shot! That being said- it would most likely only be a temporary fix on his the damage he does, not necessarily a solution for his aggressive behavior. It may be an age-related development as Dylan has finally reached sexual maturity and is defending his pad. He’s not an adult cat yet- not until around two. If that’s the case, you just gotta wait it out.

    In the meantime, monitor his lashing out a bit more. Watch his body language, see what is stimulating the lashing out: Is it really just new visitors, or only when he is touched by them? Does it seem to be offensive aggression, or defensive?

    Like the other comments suggest, I would absolutely consult my vet. I’m not a huge advocate of medications in pets as I have experienced resolution in some pet problems by adjusting human behavior, but obviously see what the Vet says. It might be something more than protecting his turf. And although storing him away in the bedroom may be getting old, you’re probably alleviating some stress off of Dylan.


    Blake September 25, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    It takes a while for the hormones to completely subside from their system after the testes have been removed. I don’t know when you had him neutered, but it may be a couple of months. I would suggest you engage him in vigorous play sessions before people come over and then lock him up while they are there for the meanwhile. It should subside in time.


    Katie Charos September 26, 2013 at 12:13 am

    Thank you guys and gals so much for your advice! I feel like we have hope for DIll to be a good cat again!

    xoxo Katie


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