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    by Elisabeth Sedlachek on December 12, 2013

    sticky so sticky vegan The closer to Christmas it gets, the more fabulous activities are happening around the house to get us excited and maybe even overwhelmed a tiny bit. Not much cooking is going on these days, but we do craft like crazy so the big family table gets used properly. This time we came up with the idea of making our own Christmas cards and stationary of all sorts!

    yellow paint vegan My daughter and her two cousins didn’t quite know what to start with, but immediately their senses activated, stimulating creative juices. Everything appealed to busy hands, everything got glued to them and other surfaces accordingly. Not every project was finished off, quite a few could read ‘task in progress’ or ‘will come back to it… one day’ because there were some neglected toys awaiting so we called it a day. But we liked it that way, it’s their vision after all.

    heart garland vegan If this sounds like something your kids would love as well, as for the supplies – let the kids choose what to incorporate in their designs! We no longer have any straws and printing paper gets scooped up in record speed, but that’s just fine with us. Those things not only expand horizons but magically teach us how to substitute them around house with less used items.

    will be garland vegan How do you get festive through the eyes of your child? Happy Christmas everyone!!

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    I am Eli (short for Elisabeth). A nightowl, I love to stay up late when I can fully perform - especially read or write. I live in the south of England, a frog jump from the coast and share my space with my beloved husband and my rosey cheeked four year old daughter. I come from Poland, but having lived in the UK for the past 9 years, I can share its citizens' sense of humour, love for other countries' cuisine and lukewarm feelings towards weather (which has been windy recently). I am currently a working mum on the weekends and staying-at-home weekdays having fun blogging, working out and exploring our beautiful city. That's the reality. There are also dreams, hopes, excitement to discover every opportunity to stay happy in my own skin, my own environment and any environment possible. I hope you'll enjoy my appearance here. You can find more from me at

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