Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

by Kortney Campbell on May 7, 2012

So, Mother’s Day is just around the corner and while we’re not going to tell you what we’re getting ours (they frequent the blog), we will share a few ideas with you!

This Neon Hostess Purse on Vegan Cuts is over half off. It’s made by Gunas and is not only amazing, but it’s 100% cruelty free and perfect for Spring. Dear Gunas, we love you and will take two of everything, pretty please!

Sprout Skincare products are heavily discounted on Vegan Cuts this week as well. Your mom will thank you for pampering her with these amazing body care products!

Orchids are amazing because they’re the perfect combination of flower and plant. They aren’t cut, so they live much longer and they’re just so amazing!

This Suck UK Apron is more than your average clothing protector. It actually has a cooking guide printed on the front & you don’t have to worry about smudging it with chocolate because that’s what it’s for!

Has your mom told you she wants this MAC red #351 lipstick yet? Because we promise she does…

Our moms are huge candle fans. This Ebony & Peach 3 wick candle comes in such a cute tin – you can even reuse it!

Who doesn’t love fancy handmade raw vegan chocolate? Moms are never opposed to chocolate!

What goes better with chocolate than wine? This electric bottle opener is absolutely amazing (and really fun to use)!

Moms love baths – especially when super fancy bubbles are involved. Add a bottle of wine & the chocolate & you’re officially her favorite child.

We’ll leave you with these items, but keep in mind – Mother’s Day isn’t just about the gifts. It’s about spending quality time with your mom and honestly, a family night in with dinner and a movie may even be the most appreciated gift of all!

PS: This isn’t Mother’s Day related, but it IS Music Monday and remember how John (Kortney’s husband) was making all of those tribute videos with his friends? Well, here’s the newest one…It’s AWESOME!


PSS: Tomorrow is the big day – we find out if the little Vegan Housebaby is a girl or boy!! Don’t worry, Kortney’s Instagram followers will be the 1st to know, then we’ll have it on the blog tomorrow night!

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I'm Kortney; a wife, natural mama and vegan in love with life, food and all things vintage! I've been vegan since December 2007, but have loved to cook & create pretty things since before I can remember. I started Vegan Housewives because I don't think you have to give up the joys of food when going vegan! I have a fondness for re-creating non-vegan recipes (especially my grandma's), making a healthier & animal friendly version so be sure to send me your favorite concoctions by clicking our "share a recipe" button - I would LOVE to veg-i-fy them!

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    albert May 8, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    also check out

    some tasty vegan chocolates and sweets for mom :)


    Lisa May 8, 2012 at 11:55 pm

    I think you should send the tribute videos to Ellen


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