Music Monday: Alexander & the Grapes

by Kortney Campbell on June 18, 2012

This coming Saturday my (Katie) husband’s band is having their album release show, so I thought I’d talk about them for music Monday. I decided to do a little interview, since I am not very good at describing anything musical. I recorded it on my phone while we were driving all over town to see our dads on Father’s Day then just transcribed it here!

Q:  How does the sound of this record differ for your last one?

A:  The last one was the first time we had ever recorded so I think we have gotten a lot better at recording. We got to try out a lot more in the studio because we gave ourselves more time. The last one we recorded in 5 days and this one we did in 11 days.

Q:  What’s the theme of the album?

A:  The theme is… just kind of going through… confusion that I have and kind of coming to some sort of resolution at the end.

Q:  If you could play with any band ever, who would you play with?

A:  Any band ever?  It could be fun to do a tour with…Wilco would be really fun.

Q: Ok, so this is one question in three parts, or three questions in one. What inspires you musically? What inspires you lyrically? And what inspires you as a performer? 

A: Lyrically, musically, and performance?  It’s kind of just all over the place for all three subjects. I think I just take in certain aspects that I like in different bands and they all kind of just morph into what I do. Sometimes I like what other people do but I know it wont work for me so I don’t try to do that or it doesn’t show in what I do. Maybe it influences me in different ways that I’m not conscious of.

Q: So who are those people or bands?

A: I mean a lot of people. I really like Pedro the Lion, Wilco, Death Cab (for Cutie), Modest Mouse, and then of course old stuff: Bob Dylan, The Beatles. I don’t know I like everything. It all influences me one way or another.

Q:  Are there any interesting band dynamics that go on?

A: Yeah, everyone’s kind of into a different kind of music. But I write all of the songs so I bring forth songs that that they probably would never write. Since their styles are so different, it turns into something I didn’t expect. Also, personality differences. Everyone is very different and has their own weird things. We’ve known each other for a long time so we work well together…. I think… I hope.

Q: You’re a really quiet person, but you can get up on stage really easily and sing really personal things. So, I guess the question is how do you do that?

A: It’s a lot easier to do it onstage from a song because it’s scripted. You wrote it down and memorized it. As opposed to just talking, it’s kinda more like you’re acting and you have a script than having a conversation with someone and talking about deep, personal things.

Q: Ok, in the spirit of High Fidelity… top 5 records.

A: Top 5:

  1. Abbey Road- The Beetles
  2. Achilles Heel- Pedro the Lion
  3. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot- Wilco
  4. Seven Swans- Sufjan Stevens
  5. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea- Neutral Milk Hotel

Well, there you have it – Alexander and the Grapes in a nutshell. You can pre-order their new album, hemispheres here (They’re selling it on CD and vinyl) and we hope to see you at the show Saturday!

Feel free to preview it here first, of course:

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