Happy Memorial Day From Vegan Housewives + Faux Moccs

by Kortney Campbell on May 26, 2014

memorial Day 20 Wishing you all a very Happy Memorial Day and a HUGE thank you to the men and women who have served (and currently serve) our great country. Until midnight tonight, you can get 20% off of your entire Faux Moccs order with the code MEMORIALDAY20.

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Gluten-free + Vegan Recipe | Almond, Orange + Cardamom Cookies

by The Vegan Cookie Fairy on May 25, 2014

almondorangecardamomcookies 1 I don’t know if these qualify as “cookies”. In the UK, these would most definitely be biscuits. In French, you would call these “sablés” (“sandy”) because of their crumbly texture. I guess “shortbread” is the appropriate term for these little treats, and you could almost imagine them patiently waiting in a tartan tin box for a greedy little hand to steal one away.

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Vegan Wedding Series | Part 3: The Food

by Hannah on May 20, 2014

VeganWedding3 As wedding season approaches, I want to talk about one of the most important parts of a vegan wedding, or any wedding in fact: the food.

You’ve probably already though about this, and maybe even decided on your menu. If so, great. Feel free to skip this instalment of the Vegan Wedding Series. If not, however, I hope this post might give you a few ideas on how to get started.

For us, it was pretty clear from the start that we wanted an all-vegan menu and that we weren’t going to compromise on that. Many wedding guides will tell you that this isn’t the right time to ‘force’ your ethical ‘beliefs’ ‘down your family’s throat’ (what a fitting analogy). This statement seems to be really common, and I just can’t get over it. Without going into too much detail about why you would want to keep your menu all-vegan (I’m sure Vegan Housewives readers are aware of all of those reasons), I’m going to tell you one thing: This is a day that is supposed to make you and your partner happy. If you’re okay with compromising and having some non-vegan dishes, cool! If the thought makes you squeamish, you should in no way feel obliged to incorporate animal products. You shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable at your own wedding.

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Vegan Fashion | Get 15% off New Faux Moccs Goods

by Kortney Campbell on May 18, 2014

PreOrders We really love vegan, US-made companies. It feels good to support our ever-growing community, while knowing we’re bringing jobs to our country. This is why we were so excited to start Faux Moccs!

We’ve been working hard to bring more products to the vegan market, so I’m so excited to announce a few new items available! Whether you’re the kind of vegan that likes to wear their heart on their sleeve (literally), tend to be a little more discrete, or haven’t made the leap to veganism quite yet, Faux Moccs has a t-shirt for you.

We currently have 3 shirt designs, printed on high-quality American Apparel basics by our amazing friends at Numbers for The Cause. Our sizes range from 3-6 months to adults and for a limited time, you can get 15% off Faux Moccs tees with the code CRUELTYFREE15. What better way to get the love-all-beings conversation started?

CrueltyFreeVeganBag I’m also super excited to announce our new Cruelty Free Vegan canvas tote. It’s perfect for a Farmer’s Market or vegan grocery trip, a beach day or to use as a quick purse or diaper bag on the go! I’ll be carrying this bad boy around our Saturday Morning Market for sure!

IMG_2923 copy And if you’re curious about vegan faux moccs for your little ones, we will have 5 bright new colors added to the shop this summer- Hot Pink, Lime Green, Sunshine Yellow, Bright Blue and Minty Blue!

And as always,  Vegan Housewives readers get 10% off with the code VEGANHOUSEWIVESBABY.

Have you pre-ordered a tee or bag yet? Or does your little one wear Faux Moccs? If so, be sure to tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #FauxMoccs to have your photos shared!

Vegetarian-to-vegan When I started my plant based lifestyle, I started out vegetarian. I am a picky eater and I really wanted this to be a lifestyle change, not just some fad diet. Going vegetarian gave me a way to ease into it. I gave myself one year to figure out how to adopt more of a vegan lifestyle. When I went vegetarian I started eating dairy more than ever before.I found instead of food with meat, I was just adding cheese. I had gained about 5 pounds in a couple months, I had acne like I was 14 years old again and I felt bloated all day. I knew I had to be fully vegan since I wasn’t mastering the vegetarian diet.

Often people ask me why vegan is better then vegetarian, how animals are treated in dairy and egg farms and why vegetarians should transition. I don’t like telling people what to do, but I do love to give them information and tools to decide what is best for them. If you are vegetarian, good for you! You’re helping animals and the environment and we applaud your efforts. I hope we can help further your journey into the lifestyle of plant based foods.
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Pasta is always a favorite. Especially when it can be loaded with fresh, seasonal veggies. In Europe, white asparagus are quite popular.  These sunlight-deprived stalks are a little milder and more delicate than their green counterparts. Here’s one of my favorite ways to eat them:

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Vegan + Gluten-Free Recipe | Boozy Berries & Cream

by Erin Griffin on May 13, 2014

eg_berries3 For months, my fridge has been stuffed with more strawberries than I know what to do with. I’ve been making chia seed jam and strawberry chocolate parfaits, not to mention slicing those red beauties up on our fresh greens and tossing them in to smoothies. I think I’ve actually come to take for granted that there will always be a quart staring back at me when I open up the refrigerator door. Alas, that is not the case. The end of strawberry season is upon us (here in Florida anyway) and on it’s heels I am starting to see other beautiful summer berries rolling in. To celebrate, this quick, easy, adult dessert marries my goodbye to strawberries and my hello to blackberries.

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IMG_0048 During strawberry season, my favorite way to eat them is raw.  Hands down.  Sometimes I catch myself at the kitchen sink, popping them in my mouth as fast as I can rinse them off.  If I have a little time on my hands, perhaps on a lazy Sunday, I’ll go the extra step and roast them.  Just like roasting vegetables, roasting strawberries draws out the juices and caramelizes the sugars.  They become so tender that you can gently smash them onto a piece of bread instead of using jam.

This past weekend, I wanted a little something sweet to enjoy with my tea, so I decided to fold some roasted strawberries into a cardamom-spiced quick bread.  

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Vegan Beauty Regimen| Time To Check Your Oil

by Haut Cosmetics on May 8, 2014

oilcleansing Clear, glowing, dewy-looking skin, free of blackheads, pimples, cysts, and other imperfections seems to be an elusive goal. The booming skin care industry would have you believe the same with their claims of the need to rid your skin of oil completely and apply burning chemicals in order to avoid these imperfections. Modern society has been so strongly influenced by these marketing claims that some find themselves washing the delicate and easily-inflamed tissue of their facial skin with “grease cutting” or “antibacterial” dish and hand soap only to find that their skin condition worsens. The anxiety that rises when yet another pimple flares up or another painful lump begins forming beneath the skin sends many into overdrive in attempt to counter the impending damage, but does it ever work? Does the panicked scrubbing, disinfecting, and drying ever work? Why is it that if something works for a few days, or if you get lucky, a few weeks, the long term brings the blemishes back? The cycle seems endless. It’s exhausting. It’s painful. It’s embarrassing. It’s expensive!

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earlgrey loaf cake title 1 copyI sometimes joke that I moved to the United Kingdom purely because I’m such a tea fanatic. I really am, though. Last time I moved, my mother was there helping me pack up everything; when we got to the kitchen, she put her foot down: ‘Who needs this much tea?!’ she said, aghast at the boxes, tins, bags and packets of loose leaf tea and tea bags. I had them in all flavours and formats. What can I say, I like variety!

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