Raising Boys Isn’t As Easy As I Thought

by Kortney Campbell on July 10, 2013

IMG_8850 A little while back, I shared a little bit about Judah being a mama’s boy and all of that mushy stuff. While he’s still very much my little shadow, he’s grown up in just the past few weeks. He has become quite the adventurous little daredevil and a more of daddy’s boy.

IMG_8926 Not only does he say “dada” nearly every time he steals my phone, but he’s been pulling himself up into a standing position and “furniture walking” for maybe two months now and has started standing unassisted fairly recently. This is all super exciting, but within a one week span, he fell headfirst off of our porch swing onto concrete, backwards onto a car for his first official cut and face first into the entertainment center which caused a nice bloody lip and cheek bruise. He handled each fall like a champ. I had some “mommy time” and cried nearly every time. Obviously, this all hurt me more than it hurt him.

IMG_8940 I called the doctor after the swing incident just to make sure he was okay and every time I’ve told someone about each spill (expecting them to accuse me of neglecting my child), I’ve been given the “oh, you just wait.” Apparently, after the 10th or so time, these big spills will be the norm and I won’t be such a nervous wreck.

IMG_8762 My heart breaks every time I see him take a spill and I want nothing more than to fight his battles for him. However, I know I can’t. He won’t always be a baby and I can’t protect him from the world and all the wonderful disasters within it. These little spills are preparing him for the bigger things that are coming and in the process of seeing his tiny body grow and strengthen, I see myself getting stronger.

IMG_8764 Any mamas out there with some crazy baby spill stories that now make you laugh? I’d love to hear about them!

460 Oh yeah, and the winner of the Claret Vegan Handbag Giveaway was Krystle Anderson byway of her husband, Bradley’s comment! Congrats, Krystle- I messaged you for your address & I hope you & your little man enjoy the Marie Jeanne as much as we do!

PS: I swear I have some vegan recipes coming soon!

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    Iris July 10, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    Oh my gosh thanks for posting this! My son is only 6.5 months old and just the other day he had an episode where he didn’t want to be seated where he was and threw himself backwards landing his head (thankfully ) on a pillow. I watched him for a second and thought to myself how many times will this happen again with no pillow to protect his head :-/ I don’t think I am ready for what’s coming. He is so precious I don’t want him to ever be in pain or unintentionally hurt himself. I am glad I am not alone :)


    Sarah July 10, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    When Pence was three years old she climbed up a flight of steps to our bedroom (which was a loft). She stood at the foot of our bed w/ a stuffed bear in her arms (as big as she was) & gently woke us up with a “mommy”. Jerry sat up just in time to watch her tumble backwards and fall down the steps. I’ve never seen Superman fly, but Jerry certainly did that day, just missing his grasp on his baby. My heart exploded with fear as I heard her piercing scream! It ended up being a good bruise here & there & a cut lip. Oh & a good lesson learned for us. Your absolutely right that this is just the beginning to many more painful experiences for your little man. What’s important is that he’ll know he can always trust you for comfort in those times, very well written. xoxoxo


    Krustle July 17, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    So excited for my bag! Yaaaaaaaay!

    And Logi (near 15 months now) fell on the tile and busted his lip at 11 months and I could have sworn my heart stopped and fell out my chest. The tips and tumbles keep coming as they explore their world and its limits. It’s a scary and wondrous thig to watch them learn. It just keeps getting better though. Distraction and aversion=80% of parenting. :-) haha


    Crystal July 21, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    I feel a little better now after reading this, I thought something was wrong with me since every fall my daughter took made me cry more than her! Her first big fall was in the parking lot after having a fun beach day, we were just about to get in the car when she tripped over the asphalt curb next to our car and scraped the whole front of her big toe pretty bad to where it was bleeding a lot. By the time my hubby got to our side of the car he didn’t know who was hurt. I know it’s not good to cry in front of her as it makes it scarier for her but its hard when I feel horrible and want to take all her pain away. We just had a little boy a few months ago and am not looking forward to his falls at all!


    Megan August 11, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    Thanks for posting this Kortney. Zach fell on his head from the changing table a few weeks ago and I was devastated. I completely felt like a failure of a mother, but after calling the doctor on call (it was a Sunday night), and talking to a few people, I realized that its normal, and its just the first fall of many. He’s fine and handled it much better than I did. Thanks for posting, I’m glad I’m not the only one. :)


    Deanna August 22, 2013 at 7:57 pm

    I am late in reading this and it brought to mind my brother…..when he was around ten he got hit in the temple playing baseball, trip the emergency room. At around the age of 13, we were riding our bikes on the asphalt around the neighborhood and he fell and somehow the skin on the entire side of his body was riped and raw, I rode home as as fat I could and got my dad. So your in for a long haul with Judah. Boys will be boys…..:)


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