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by Kortney Campbell on February 25, 2013

Vegan-Bakery New York is home to some of my all time favorite vegan restaurants. The fact that they don’t deliver to Florida can be a bit sad sometimes (especially when I was planning my vegan wedding). However, this all changed for me this week. High Hopes Vegan Bakery has some of the best treats (in general, not just “good-for-being-vegan”) I’ve ever had, and best of all – they ship their goodies to you!

Vegan-Cookie I’ve been following Cynthia Huggins (owner of High Hopes Vegan Bakery) on Instagram for a few months now in hopes of another annual New York trip that would include a stop to see her. A couple of weeks back though, she mentioned that she was looking for bloggers to share her treats with. This is when I realized that no trip was needed. They ship. Life complete.

Vegan-Chocolate-Chip-Cookie Cynthia sent me a few of her vegan chocolate chip cookies to test out. The thing is, I don’t think this is the item I would have chosen for myself because vegan cookies have been a gamble in my past. They’re usually too dry and grainy or super crumbly (and not in a good way). I think I had just lost hope for them all together.

Vegan-Dessert However, the verdict on these High Hopes Vegan Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies: I’m legitimately blown away. As I said, I’ve always had a hard time finding non-made-at-home vegan sweets that aren’t a bit on the dry side. But these cookies were the perfect balance of deliciousness: not too thick or too thin, a tiny bit crisp on the outside, soft and chewy inside, pair perfectly with vanilla almond milk and the chocolate chips were still soft and melty without heating them up!

Vegan-Cookies-Milk Needless to say, I’m pretty impressed and will DEFINITELY be a repeat offender to these vegan sweets. The next High Hopes Items on my hit list:

Have you ever ordered from High Hopes Vegan Bakery? If so, which items do you suggest? If not, which vegan baked goods are on your to-do list? Share them in the comments below!

High-Hopes-Vegan-Bakery Be sure to visit them online too for awesome giveaways, coupon codes and newly added vegan treats:

Website || Facebook || Etsy || Instagram

PS: Follow her on Instagram if you plan on ordering today – there may or may not be an AWESOME discount code posted!

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