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by Kortney Campbell on August 31, 2013

Veestro-Vegan-Food Frozen dinners are simple and quick, but they tend to contain a bunch or preservatives (and often GMOs)! However, Veestro is an awesome new meal delivery company that I’m officially smitten over! Their food is fresh, preservative free, non GMO and they ship nationwide! They are every mom’s dream!

I was sent a few different items to sample and wanted to share a few of my favorites with you:

Vegan-Cheesecake Marbled Vegan Cheesecake | Cheesecake is one of my husband’s favorites. When we first started dating, I made him one, but haven’t done it against since. So needless to say, I had to share this piece. The verdict from both of us: it was AMAZING- super creamy & would fool a non-veg! If you’ve ever made a cheesecake, you know it’s a lot more work than your typical cake or pie. It was so nice to be able to pop this piece out of the freezer before dinner and it was ready to eat by dessert time!

Tortilla Soup | There are two things I love: soup and spicy food. Put them them together and I’m in heaven. That’s probably why I loved this one so much. The only downside was that I had to pair it with something to feel full. But when isn’t that the case with soup? A salad or sandwich goes perfectly with it!

Vegan-croquettes Vegan Croquettes | These were my first croquettes ever, so I have no “they’re even better than the non-vegan version” spiel, but they’re now officially one of my favorite foods. I’ve been looking for them ever since with no luck. If you order them, I highly suggest preparing them in the oven- the outside gets super crispy and the inside is soft and creamy. The closest thing I could compare them to would be a mozzarella stick. I still think about them more often than I’d like to admit.

Vegan-Lasagna Vegan Veggie Lasagna | Before this, I hadn’t had lasagna since I was a kid and even then, I had it maybe once at a friends house. I’m just not typically a pasta person. It usually leaves me feeling terrible and lethargic. However, this veggie lasagna was great! It was super light.

Pesto Penne | I love pesto on  anything- veggies, pasta, toast, you name it. This one was great! The only mistake I made was not following the directions and heating it up too much so it fell apart a bit. Next time, I’ll be following the directions for eating it cold!

Tofu-Scramble Tofu Scramble | Tofu scramble is usually pretty similar wherever you get it…except for this one. It was much more hearty and had almost a chili fee with corn, peppers and spices. I added some Siracha on top and it was a breakfast dream!

All in all, I really love what Veestro has to offer. The food is fresh, preservative free, vegan, non GMO and doesn’t taste like a typical TV dinner! Since it is only one serving, you can’t over indulge either so it’s great for anyone trying to watch their portion sizes (oh so bittersweet)!

Have you tried Veestro yet? If you’d like to, use the code VHVF15 for 15% off!

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I'm Kortney; a wife, natural mama and vegan in love with life, food and all things vintage! I've been vegan since December 2007, but have loved to cook & create pretty things since before I can remember. I started Vegan Housewives because I don't think you have to give up the joys of food when going vegan! I have a fondness for re-creating non-vegan recipes (especially my grandma's), making a healthier & animal friendly version so be sure to send me your favorite concoctions by clicking our "share a recipe" button - I would LOVE to veg-i-fy them!

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    Jayne December 27, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    Hello, I’m wondering how much it costs to get the marble vegan cheesecake shipped to Illinois?


    Kortney Campbell December 27, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    Hey Jayne! If you click the link to Veestro’s page, you will find all of the shipping and pricing info :)


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