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    Vegan Recipe | Roasted Rhubarb Granola Muffins

    August 8, 2014

    Roasted Rhubarb Muffins Title1

    Rhubarb gets me into a frenzy. Every year it’s the same: those pretty, slender stalks that bear my two favorite colours only visit our vegetable patches for a short while and before you know it, they’ve gone. So I panic, buy loads, try to make the most of them, but I just end up making […]

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    Gluten-free + Vegan Recipe | Almond, Orange + Cardamom Cookies

    May 25, 2014


    I don’t know if these qualify as “cookies”. In the UK, these would most definitely be biscuits. In French, you would call these “sablés” (“sandy”) because of their crumbly texture. I guess “shortbread” is the appropriate term for these little treats, and you could almost imagine them patiently waiting in a tartan tin box for […]

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    Vegan + Gluten-Free Recipe | Cardamom Roasted Strawberry Bread

    May 9, 2014


    During strawberry season, my favorite way to eat them is raw.  Hands down.  Sometimes I catch myself at the kitchen sink, popping them in my mouth as fast as I can rinse them off.  If I have a little time on my hands, perhaps on a lazy Sunday, I’ll go the extra step and roast […]

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    Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!

    February 10, 2012

    The Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

    Hey ladies & gents, Katie here. I’m kind of known for my chocolate chip cookies & for years I’ve sworn by a Martha Stewart recipe (the cookbook page is covered in a dusting of flour and spills of vanilla extract). Since cutting most animal products from my diet I needed a new cookie recipe that […]

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    The Cutest Little Vegan Cake-Pops

    January 20, 2012

    Vegan Cake Pops

    America seems to have an infatuation with little cakes. First it was the cupcake, and now it’s the cake-pop.  Since cake-pops are having a moment, we decided to try our hand at them. Our first run with these little balls of heaven were for a fundraiser we catered for SPOT, a local low cost spay […]

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    Vegan Baking Essentials

    January 12, 2012

    Vegan Pantry Staples

    Since Katie is known to whip up a mean cake or batch of cookies on a whim, we thought it was fitting that she share her baking pantry staples. We know it seems like a long list, but most items are pretty inexpensive (especially flours & sugar bought in bulk and put in storage containers) […]

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