Vegan Dessert Recipe | Earl Grey ‘Honey’ Loaf Cake + Coconut Cream Glaze

May 7, 2014

earlgrey loaf cake title 1 copy

I sometimes joke that I moved to the United Kingdom purely because I’m such a tea fanatic. I really am, though. Last time I moved, my mother was there helping me pack up everything; when we got to the kitchen, she put her foot down: ‘Who needs this much tea?!’ she said, aghast at the […]

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Vegan Recipe | Super Moist Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee Cake

January 9, 2014

Moist, vanilla-y with a hint of lemon

Sometimes you just need to eat cake. And that’s just the way it is. Also, baking in a warm kitchen on a cold morning is pretty much the coziest thing since…….wait for it…….. the womb (I’m really pleased that I finally got to use my womb analogy, btw). The classy thing about this cake is […]

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Gluten-free + Vegan Recipe | Spiced Cranberry Orange Upside Down Cake

November 23, 2013

cran orange cake 6

Have you ever popped a raw cranberry into your mouth?  It’s one of the most mouth-puckering experiences you will surely ever have.  In fact, you can’t really taste much of the cranberry itself without being overpowered by the tartness.  Despite the pucker, once cranberries are cooked with a bit of sugar, they transform into the […]

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The Cutest Little Vegan Cake-Pops

January 20, 2012

Vegan Cake Pops

America seems to have an infatuation with little cakes. First it was the cupcake, and now it’s the cake-pop.  Since cake-pops are having a moment, we decided to try our hand at them. Our first run with these little balls of heaven were for a fundraiser we catered for SPOT, a local low cost spay […]

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