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    Holiday DIY | Leftover Ornament Garland

    December 20, 2013


    Since today is the last day of school before winter break (for most kids around here), I figured I’d share this super simple Holiday Garland DIY. You definitely don’t need kids to make it, but if you have them, it’s an awesome way to have fun with your family and keep the kids occupied! It […]

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    Family-Friendly Craft | Painting Pebbles

    November 8, 2013

    stone foot vh

    With an extra hour on our hands thanks to daylight saving time, we’re always looking for family-friendly crafts and our painting supplies tend to be the go-to choice lately. Although there’s no lack in imagination, the majority of the “canvases” our art supplies are used on are typically paper, cardboard, tissues and sometimes even walls […]

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    DIY | Metal Chair Transformation

    September 13, 2013


    I am in love with chairs!  I am always scouting for unique ones in consignment and thrift stores.  They are always begging for a spot in my home and sadly I have to walk away because I know my husband has already warned me to not bring any more furniture home.

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    Sprucing Up an Office Chair

    June 4, 2012


    We all know what a can of spray paint can do to a piece of furniture. I found this chair in an alleyway by the dumpster on an outing with Kortney. I was so fixated on getting to the dumpster to get this ugly duckling that I drove the wrong way down a one way […]

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    Ampersand Pillow DIY

    April 25, 2012


    It’s not often that I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but last week I had one of those days. In an attempt to cheer myself up, I looked at pictures of cats online then started crafting. I have tons of random fabric laying around, so I thought I’d put it to […]

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    A Valentine’s DIY Wood Painting

    February 14, 2012

    You Must Create DIY Final

    After being inspired on Pinterest with a graphic (below), I decided I had to made something out of it for Alexander & I’s craft/ music room & it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day! This was a pretty easy project. It cost me under $15, but it could cost you even less if you used […]

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