• Erin Griffin

    Gluten-Free + Vegan Recipe | Kale Korma

    April 5, 2014


    There are many types of kormas, but this one is inspired by a North Indian Korma, where a meat (like lamb or chicken) would generally be marinated in yogurt and spices for hours. Needless to say, I’m taking a lot of liberties here, and this creamy, deliciously-spiced version features kale, cauliflower, and carrots. Feel free […]

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    Gluten-Free + Vegan Recipe | Roasted Red Pepper Sweet Potato Soup

    March 14, 2014


    I couldn’t let winter get away without posting at least one soup recipe. I realize not everyone finds soup recipes very exciting (I really wanted to type “soup-er exciting” there), so this is also a method for roasting peppers in a cast iron skillet – which I had to do because my oven decided to […]

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    Gluten Free + Vegan Recipe | Samosa-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Cinnamon Cayenne Cream

    January 7, 2014


    A flavor-party in your mouth, this alliterative dish is fancy enough for a dinner party and fast enough for a weeknight meal. Inspired by the amazing filling inside of the popular Indian appetizer, the stuffing for these potatoes can be eaten straight out of the pot with a spoon, or served over Basmati rice. But, […]

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    Gluten-Free + Vegan Recipe | One-Pot Pumpkin Curry

    December 7, 2013


    I have to sheepishly admit that, after all my anti-pumpkin antics in my last post, I felt a little guilty. Thus, you are getting a delicious pumpkin curry this month. Consider it my apology letter to pumpkins everywhere. Made in one-pot, and easy-to-leave-simmering all day (making your house smell curry-pumpkin-tastic), it’s a great dish to […]

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    Vegan Recipe | Mediterranean Farro Bowl

    October 3, 2013


    Farro is a delicious Italian grain that is hearty, filling and has a great texture. The flavors in this bowl are inspired by some of my favorite pizza toppings. This recipe can easily be scaled up or down, and is great warm or at room temperature (and would be great to haul to a picnic […]

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