Hair Tutorial | DIY Clip-in Hair Extensions

December 10, 2013


Clip-in hair extensions are so fun to wear. They add length and thickness to any style without the permanence of gluing or weaving them in. If you find yourself dreaming about that perfect, thick, curled look you see on the red carpet, you can have it too! The majority of celebrities wear some sort of […]

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{VIDEO} Hair Tutorial | How to Curl Your Hair With a Flat Iron

December 3, 2013

veronica lake curls

This is by far the number one request I get from clients in the salon. Everyone want to know how to curl their hair with a flat iron. If you want curls and your in my chair at the salon 9 times out of 10 I will use my flat iron. If you ever see […]

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DIY Hair Style | Clip-In Extensions

November 25, 2013

long hair extensions

I often get asked “So, is this your real hair?”. That question is a valid one for me. Since I am a hairdresser and I do extensions in the salon I have a habit of changing my hair a lot. Over the years I have found that I prefer to wear clip-in hair extensions opposed […]

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{VIDEO} Hair Tutorial | Crown Braid

November 5, 2013

crown braid tutorial picture

Are you ready for another braid tutorial? This one is a little trickier than the milk maid braids. For this style you need to know how to french braid. Once you get a hang of braiding behind your head, you will be able to whip out this style in just a few minutes. Don’t get […]

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{VIDEO} Hair Tutorial | Milk Maid Braids

October 27, 2013


Every time I wear my hair in milk maid braids I get asked how I do them. My method is a little different, but still very easy. After years of  questioning I finally got around to recording a little hair tutorial video to share!

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Happy Friday Link Love!

August 17, 2012


Something cute to do with all of those poloroids & instax photos laying around.

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Sparkle Star Headband DIY

May 10, 2012

sparkle star headband

It’s really easy to become absolutely obsessed with hair accessories (don’t judge), but they can get expensive. That’s what we love about DIY crafts! We had baby bows on the blog yesterday, so figured we should probably share a “big girl” hair piece as well!

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DIY Easy Peasy Felt Hair Bows

May 9, 2012

Baby Bows

It’s safe to say that I LOVE bows! We have tons for Kennedy’s little noggin, but I wanted to see if I could easily make what I had been buying this whole time.

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Quirky Bobby Pin DIY

April 5, 2012

bobby pin diy

We know we’re not the only ones with bobby pins all over our houses or the only hoarders of nail polish, buttons, and random craft supplies. So, we decided to put all of these things together to make super cute & easy hair accessories while using up some of the stuff that has been taking […]

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A Beehive in Under 5 Minutes

January 25, 2012

Beehive Hair Tutorial

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