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Vegan Dessert Recipe | Classic Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

July 4, 2014

vegan cheesecake

Hello! It’s Court from Kind Mom again! Happy 4th! This month I’m sharing my absolute FAVORITE homemade dessert! It’s a super indulgent, but easy to make, chocolate chip cheesecake. This cheesecake is always a hit at parties, and my friends & family request it often. I made this one for my Birthday so I added a bit of […]

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Vegan Dessert Recipe | Earl Grey ‘Honey’ Loaf Cake + Coconut Cream Glaze

May 7, 2014

earlgrey loaf cake title 1 copy

I sometimes joke that I moved to the United Kingdom purely because I’m such a tea fanatic. I really am, though. Last time I moved, my mother was there helping me pack up everything; when we got to the kitchen, she put her foot down: ‘Who needs this much tea?!’ she said, aghast at the […]

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Vegan + Gluten-Free Recipe | Valentine’s Day Rice Crispy Treats + Maggie’s Naturals Giveaway

February 4, 2014


Hello! My name is Court and I’m the writer of Kind Mom Blog, a blog dedicated to vegan and natural living. I’m excited to start contributing monthly on VHW with “I Can Vegan That”! On this months issue of “I Can Vegan That”, I veganized a popular Valentine’s Day Rice Krispies Treats recipe from Pinterest. This was a fun […]

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Vegan Recipe | Super Moist Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee Cake

January 9, 2014

Moist, vanilla-y with a hint of lemon

Sometimes you just need to eat cake. And that’s just the way it is. Also, baking in a warm kitchen on a cold morning is pretty much the coziest thing since…….wait for it…….. the womb (I’m really pleased that I finally got to use my womb analogy, btw). The classy thing about this cake is […]

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Gluten Free + Vegan Recipe | Multigrain Morning Muffins

January 6, 2014

muffins 4

I’ve come to find that there’s no better time for renewal, planning, and purging than the start of a new year.  I’ve been obsessively cleaning out and getting rid of things in my apartment for the past few days.   Even though my poor recycling bin is now overflowing, it’s really refreshing to get rid […]

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Vegan in Atlanta | Dough Bakery…Part 2

October 10, 2013


You might have read the post about Dough Bakery a few days ago. Here is a funny story about this. The minute I started thinking of my first review I instantly thought of Dough. I panicked for just a moment thinking, “I can’t double post.” But Dough is good enough for a double post because […]

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5 Favorite Vegan Christmas Recipes

December 7, 2012


“Santa! Oh my Gosh! Santa’s coming! I know him!” I’m seriously LOVE Christmas and cannot wait to cook so much delicious vegan food for our wonderful family! Next week, I’ll be sharing some of my own holiday recipes, but since Friday’s are for friends, I wanted to share a few other recipes and holiday desserts […]

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Flashbacks & Vegan Rice Pudding

August 28, 2012


Back in 2009, I was fairly new to being vegan, had just had some major things happen in my life and wanted to get away from what most people call the “real world” to travel around a bit. So I packed up my suitcase and went on tour with Peta2. It was by far one […]

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Vegan Ice Cream Floats

June 14, 2012

Vegan Orange Creamcicle

This weekend, Katie came over for a while to plan out this month’s blogs and help me re-organize and get rid of so much stuff in order to make room for baby Campbell. While she was here, we started talking about summer and ice cream which eventually led to coke floats. While coke and root […]

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Katherine’s Strawberry Tarte

May 29, 2012


My name is Katherine Dunn and I love fudge brownies. Lemon bars make me giddy. Butter cream frosting tastes like the perfect day. I don’t mess around with toasted coconut, and I find it difficult to say goodbye to the last cream cheese crumb bun. I realize these things just make me sound like a […]

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