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    Cruelty-Free Beauty | A Vegan Makeup Chain Reaction

    April 4, 2014


    In one hand I hold my makeup brush and apply a little Marble Aloe Cream Tint as eyeliner to my lash line with practiced precision. In my other hand I hold my sweet little one-year-old! My other two kiddos wrestle around my feet as I wrestle to brighten up my eyes and disguise those dark […]

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    Vegan Lifestyle | Tips for the Traveling Vegan

    March 27, 2014


    Our family travels a lot, it seems at least once a month or at least every other month we are flying somewhere or road trippin’. Once I have returned from my travels, it seems that more people ask me what I eat on the go, than how my trip was. It also seems to be […]

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    Vegan Lifestyle | 5 Tips for Traveling Vegans

    January 24, 2014


    Last week I shared a few photos from our recent trip to Abaco, Bahamas and briefly mentioned that it wasn’t too veg-friendly. I’ve travelled quite a bit since I’ve been vegan (even all over the country in a van with Peta2 for a few months) and this trip was by-far the most unprepared I’ve ever […]

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    Photography Tips | DIY Spooky Halloween Lighting

    October 31, 2013


    BOO! It’s a day for ghosts and ghouls, and apple cider and lots and lots of corn syrup. Approximately 90 million lbs of candy will be ingested in the US alone, today. If my first few lines didn’t scare you, I’m putting the rest on you people! Chances are, you or a loved one are […]

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    What’s the Deal With Water?

    March 19, 2012

    Drink Your Water!

    There’s a reason movie stars say their biggest beauty tip is drinking lots of water. Not only does staying hydrated leave you with beautiful skin but it also helps you function properly. Since your body is made up of about 70% water, you need to constantly replenish. Did you know that many people are chronically […]

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