Three Ways to Rock the New Year!

by Randi Tisdall on January 4, 2014

3waystorock Happy New Year! Are you ready to rock 2014?

Many of us like to have resolutions, set goals, or make promises to ourselves to do something positive in the new year. All of this is totally possible- and easy- as long as you are committed. Yet this can be easier said than done, and for a lot of people, those new years resolutions are long gone before February even begins!

If you want to rock the new year like never before, and bring peace and love into your life, here are three simple ways to get those intentions into motion (and keep them going all year long)!

beyourself 1. Be Yourself. Your goals are attainable, and yes, many of us would like to shift our lives in a more positive direction. However, don’t let go of yourself in the process. Remember to honor yourself, and give self-love, during this time of transition. Want to eat better or lose weight? First you have to love yourself, and forgive any of your past actions. Be yourself, your true self, down to the core, and continue to show love. Many people, while trying to achieve their goals, are not true to themselves, which is a form of resistance. Honor those little quirks and all the little “imperfections” that can sometimes drive you nuts. They are what make the unique, beautiful you. Stay true, and you’ll never let yourself down!

magyourintentions2 2. Magnify your Intentions. Sometimes, when we want to make changes, we set too many goals. What I’m asking you to do in the new year is to magnify what is really important to you. Pick one thing that you really want to change. Then, magnify it- give your focus completely to accomplishing this goal, and give it 100%, instead of giving 10% to many goals. When you put a lot of energy into one thing, it makes it feel really good when you accomplish it, because you know that you worked hard to get there. Create a manifestation board, write down affirmations, or do meditation concerning that goal. It will plant the seed that helps that goal grow into something to be proud of.

release 3. Release what doesn’t serve you. The most important on this list is to do simply that- release the old. If you have been struggling to keep your head above water for the past couple of months (or year), then that means it’s time to let something go. Release what is not serving you- what is not bringing you joy or something positive to your life. It can be the weight that you need lifted off your shoulders. Then, from this point on, only commit to things that WILL serve you, and that you feel really good about doing. Keeping this in mind all year will help you rock it around the clock- accomplishing only what is best for you, which, in turn, makes you a calmer, happier individual.

No matter what your goals are for 2014- remember to rock it! You are a powerful spiritual being living the human experience- so enjoy it!

Sending lots of love and blessings for a happy new year! Woo hoo!


About Randi Tisdall

Randi is a full time mama, wife, homeschooler, writer, creator, and all-things-natural lady. She enjoys sharing her experiences for personal growth and healing, particularly for moms and their children. Randi spends weekdays homeschooling her twin daughters while trying to keep up with her growing son. In her spare time, she loves snuggling with her hubby, cooking up vegan desserts, and taking long walks in nature. You can learn more about Randi's adventures on Stay tuned for *Heal While You Sleep* a meditation for healthy balance and relaxation for all ages! Coming to Beautifully Bohemian in April 2014!!!

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    Susan January 5, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    Great blogpost to get me motivated to beat down my resolutions for 2014!!!



    Randi January 6, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    Thanks! Wishing you the best this year! Sending hugs:)


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