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    by Katie Charos on October 30, 2013


    Have you ever run across these cute little storage jars while thrifting? Both Kortney & I have several that we have found at thrift stores and garage sales. They are perfect for storing dried beans, grains, leftovers or anything else you can think of. They have actually made an appearance in 2 pickling recipes on Vegan Housewives (here & here).

    kilnerjarlids Every time I buy them they seem to either be missing their little orange seal or it’s dry and crusty from years of use. I knew I had to replace them, but I didn’t really do anything to look for a replacement. Then a few weeks ago I was looking through the clearance section at Williams-Sanoma (the only way that I can afford that store) and I found Kilner replacement seals on sale! If you have seals that need replacing hop on over & buy them while they are still on sale for $2.99. If you miss the sale, you can get them here too!

    I have also seen brand new Kilner jars at Marshalls and Amazon for a fraction of the price at Williams-Sanoma, we’re talking a few dollars each. It’s so nice to have an organized pantry with pretty jars- especially if you have open shelving like I do!

    What do you store in your Kilner Jars?

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    Hannah October 31, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    I use Kilner Jars for everything – we buy them in multipacks and the throw in all our rice/pasta/quinoa/any other grain you can think of. They just instantly make everything so much more homey!


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