• Vegan in Atlanta | Dough Bakery…Part 2

    by Bethany Blake on October 10, 2013

    You might have read the post about Dough Bakery a few days ago. Here is a funny story about this. The minute I started thinking of my first review I instantly thought of Dough. I panicked for just a moment thinking, “I can’t double post.” But Dough is good enough for a double post because you need to know what happens after brunch! I, like Kortney, am obsessed!

    I do most of my acting and acting classes in Atlanta and I admit that I find myself pulling in the parking lot of this vegan heaven more than I should.

    Dough I won’t bore you by telling you more about their breakfast because Kortney did it perfect justice, and there was also Judah. How could you not want to gobble up those treats after seeing that face?

    I will tell you that if you are traveling through Atlanta and can’t make breakfast you are still in for a treat.

    There is always a case full of sweet treats such as; Sticky Buns, Cookies, brownies, scones, muffins, cupcakes, woopie pies, and so much more.

    dough-bakery Drooling yet? It gets better! They have soft serve ice cream! I repeat, soft serve ice cream. In a cone. With sprinkles. Or made into a milkshake! But still, It gets better. The bakery covers all of you sweet treat needs but there is also Gutenfleischers.

    dough4 Gutenfleischers makes their own deli meats and salads. Combine that with some fresh bread and make your own sandwich or choose their special sandwich and soup of the week.

    dough-bakery-sandwich After you have stuffed yourself full of deli items and a sweet treat you might find yourself wanting to box the whole place up and take it home. You can’t do that, trust me, I might or might not have tried. But, you can grab a few things out of the cooler, or get some meat sliced for you, or buy a whole cake or pie. dough-bakery-deli I always get a few biscuits that are ready to eat after being warmed. Those biscuits make any rough morning a lot easier. If you are lucky you might find some of their queso (I advise getting the hot. The mild is very, very mild) or some house made dressings.

    vegan biscuit There really is something for everyone at Dough. They didn’t pay me to rave about them; I really do love this place that much. I love seeing the meat eaters that come in because “We are addicted”. That to me is worth more than a whole pile of vegans saying they love it because it’s proving that veganism is something everyone can enjoy. My meat eating family gobbles up their goods to the last crumb!

    Will you try Dough Bakery when you are traveling through? What other Vegan restaurant treasures are your favorite in the south? I would love to know more places to try in the comments. For science, of course!

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    I am Bethany; I an adventurer and an actor, thankfully both of those things benefit the other. I was born and raised in Tennessee and after much disbelief from my meat loving, southern family I became a vegetarian when I was 12. I then became vegan about 6 years later and haven't looked back for one second. I am obsessed with fashion, Disney, learning my craft, and exploring new places. You know what they say, "Adventure is out there!"

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    Randi October 17, 2013 at 8:41 am

    Having never heard of “Dough,” it makes me say “Doh!” LOL. I will def have to try this, I love it when I find a new place to eat in the ATL. My favorite has always been “Cafe Sunflower,” but the only thing I don’t like is that they close down everyday in the middle of the day to prep for dinner (which has stopped me from going a few times). Thanks for posting about this, I was sold at vegan soft serve ice cream lol.


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