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    by Hannah on October 19, 2013

    Hello everyone! I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining the Vegan Housewives family and thought my first post would be an ideal time to introduce myself.

    While this is an American blog, I’m absolutely certain that I’m not the only European reading it religiously and I’m hoping to contribute some UK-focused content for all of us across the pond as well as the travel-hungry amongst us! To kick this off, I’m going to give you a little vegan virtual tour of the lovely city I currently reside in: Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom.

    Lime Street The best way to get here is definitely by train, in the early hours of the morning. For the purpose of this imaginary tour, we will arrive at Lime Street Station, which is in the middle of town and easily accessible.

    After a little walk around the city and maybe a soya caramel latte at my favourite coffee chain, Costa Coffee, we would probably be getting quite hungry. For this purpose, The Egg cafe is ideal. Situated just off Liverpool’s alternative shopping area, Bold Street, it serves some brilliant vegetarian and vegan dishes.

    The_Egg_Sign Instead of having to opt for jam and toast, which is what the usual cafe vegan breakfast choice would be, you have several choices here, included scrambled tofu and pancakes. If you’re really hungry, there’s always the Full English Breakfast, which consists of toast, spread, beans, scrambled tofu, vegan sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast. Yum.

    The_Egg_Breakfast After that hearty meal, we’re ready to face the hustle and bustle of Liverpool’s big shopping development: Liverpool One. As one of the latest additions to the city, the area is always full of life. While most high-street chain-stores are present, you can also find a few shops specific to Liverpool.

    Liverpool OneIt’s easy to spend a few hours there and it’s certainly enough to tire you out. For lunch, we’ll wander back into the more alternative quarters of the city, this time to Mello Mello. Another vegetarian restaurant with vegan options, located on Slater Street, this little gem also functions as a bar and creative hub and often plays host to some brilliant bands.

    mellomelloAfter lunch, it’s time to spend some time on culture, which means we’re off to the docks. The Albert Dock is, in my biased opinion, the most beautiful place in all of Liverpool. All the museums are close by, whether it’s art, the city’s history or The Beatles you’re interested in, and there are plenty of cafes and souvenir shops around.

    Albert_DockCurrently a 3D floating replica of the British Isles can be found in it’s waters. Can you name each landmark portrayed on it?

    Weather_MapHint: the red blob is a dragon, you can’t really tell thanks to my improvable photography skills.

    This is a great place to spend an evening, watching the sun set over the water and walking around the beautiful old buildings. I hope you’ve enjoyed our virtual tour, and if you ever decide to visit Liverpool in real life, make sure to let me know!

    What are some of your favorite places to visit in Europe?

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    Hannah is currently studying and working in Liverpool, UK where she'll (hopefully) by graduating with a degree in Drama & International Studies in 2014 and moving on to find her place in the "real world". She's also planning her wedding to her true love Jacob, to take place shortly after! In her free time, she likes cooking, baking, ballet dancing, working on her own blog, anything to do with horses, reading (mostly sic-fi and fantasy, although she sometimes enjoys more realistic stories) and playing the piano. She's particularly interested in vegan food & beauty, as well as planning a vegan wedding, so you can expect plenty of UK-related posts in those categories!

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