Vegan Wedding Planning | Part 2: The Theme & Stationary

by Hannah on April 16, 2014

Wedding Series 2 Last month we discussed the first few things to do when planning your wedding, such as pulling together your guest list and finding a venue. Today, I want to talk about two of my favourite parts: the theme and the stationary!

While finding a wedding theme might seem daunting (it will dominate much of your wedding after all), it actually doesn’t have to be scary at all. I was very worried at the beginning, thinking that I had to have a specific and original theme that spoke volumes about my relationship with my fiancé, that was based on the perfect colour combination and that would have everyone talking for years to come. In actual fact, none of that matters. What matters is that you end up with a day designed in a way that makes you happy, feels comfortable and doesn’t make your hair fall out with stress.

After changing our minds approximately 9000 times, we decided to go with a whimsical and fun vintage theme that isn’t really a theme at all. We’ll be going for mason jars, bunting, buttons, felt and all things light blue, mint or lilac. Although I read lots of articles online saying that this type of thing is soooooooo 2011, we really don’t care. We like it, it’s our wedding, we’re going with it. Similarly, you shouldn’t let anyone dictate what you want your wedding day to look like. Do you want scandinavian-style design, smooth, sleek and minimalistic? Cool. Are you into giant decorative plates with blue-eyed kittens and want the room decorated with those? Then that’s your choice. If the two of you are set on a certain style, then why let others talk you out of it?

When you have a general idea of how you want to style your day, the next thing you may want to start looking at is stationary. We looked at several options here and decided relatively quickly that we neither wanted nor were able to afford traditional invitation suites, so we browsed for different options. DIY was, of course, the first thing that came to mind, but I’m terrible at crafting and, although it’s a skill I’d like to improve, my wedding invitations didn’t seem to be the best thing to practise on. For our engagement announcements, we found a lovely easy seller from whom we bought a design which we then had printed. The rest of our stationary consists of free printables from Weddingchicks, which is a resource I would highly recommend to anyone planning a wedding. We found the perfect design, filled in the blanks and sent the file off to be printed!

Have you been searching for the perfect theme? What are your experiences?

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Hannah is currently studying and working in Liverpool, UK where she'll (hopefully) by graduating with a degree in Drama & International Studies in 2014 and moving on to find her place in the "real world". She's also planning her wedding to her true love Jacob, to take place shortly after! In her free time, she likes cooking, baking, ballet dancing, working on her own blog, anything to do with horses, reading (mostly sic-fi and fantasy, although she sometimes enjoys more realistic stories) and playing the piano. She's particularly interested in vegan food & beauty, as well as planning a vegan wedding, so you can expect plenty of UK-related posts in those categories!

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