• Judah

    Family Portrait | Week 14

    December 11, 2013


    This weekend was one of the best we’ve had in a while. John had Saturday AND Sunday off so we thought about trying to go see Disney at Christmas. While that didn’t work out, the weekend we had was even better. I got excited about my camera again, we watched Home Alone, Katie taught me […]

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    Family Portrait Project | Week 8

    October 29, 2013


    This week’s Family Portrait is just of my two favorite fellas. Last week’s photo was from Judah’s birthday and today is John’s birthday so I felt this picture from one of this week’s backyard-family-play-sessions was fitting! I love seeing the two of them play together more than almost anything.

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    Family Portrait Project | Week 7

    October 23, 2013


    Judah turned 1 this past Monday (October 21st), so we took this week’s family photo on his birthday! I’ve had so many people ask if Campbell #2 is baking because the photo is incredibly similar to these photos which were taken on our first Valentine’s Day as “The Campbells” and hadn’t announced that I was pregnant with […]

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    Wooden Toy Gift Guide | 1st Birthday Present Ideas

    October 11, 2013


    I’m pretty excited about Judah’s 1st birthday. Definitely more excited than he is (considering he has no idea) and most likely too excited for my own good. However, I’ve noticed lately that the more toys he has, the less he actually plays with them. And in an effort to rid ourselves of plastic as much […]

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    Raising Boys Isn’t As Easy As I Thought

    July 10, 2013


    A little while back, I shared a little bit about Judah being a mama’s boy and all of that mushy stuff. While he’s still very much my little shadow, he’s grown up in just the past few weeks. He has become quite the adventurous little daredevil and a more of daddy’s boy.

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    What Mama’s Boys are Made Of

    May 29, 2013


    The other day, a family member (and mom of two boys) told me that she now knows why they say boys are made of “snakes and snails and puppy dog tails”. I always saw myself as the mom of boys. I grew up around them, wore their clothes and liked their games. Don’t get me […]

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    Urban Gardening with a Baby

    April 30, 2013


    John is always (half-jokingly) telling me I have a brown thumb. In all honesty, he isn’t lying. I have a history of unintentionally heading up plant massacres. The first part to getting better is admitting the problem, right?

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    Weekend Fun || Vegan Picnic

    January 28, 2013


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    Baby Judah || 3 Months & Teething

    January 23, 2013


    As of January 21st, baby Judah is 3 months old! Technically he was 13 weeks on Sunday and 3 months on Monday which can get confusing…but anyways, the past 3 months have been the most amazing (and tiring) months of my life!

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    Baby Judah’s Water Birth Story

    January 15, 2013


    It’s been 12 weeks & 2 days since Judah was born in October. I’ve had a few requests to share his birth story and I think I’m finally ready to do so. Having a baby is one of those very personal, vulnerable, beautiful moments in life that you want to share with the world while […]

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