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    by Haut Cosmetics on March 5, 2014

    VHW-feb27 If you are getting married in 2014, congrats to you! You may be meticulously planning out the fine details and to-do lists for your wedding, way ahead of schedule, or you may be the type of bride to wait until the last minute. Keeping it simple…’winging it’! I would most likely be the latter one. I have been in the business realm of weddings for almost two decades. I am now retired as a freelance makeup artist but ten years ago I started my own line of natural, vegan cosmetics.  I recommend customized palettes of color every year for blushing brides-to-be as well as their bridesmaids. When everyone is matched to their perfect foundation shade it creates a natural and fluent look in photos.

    VHW feb27 It’s been a long time since a client came to me saying they had absolutely zero issues with their skin. I have clients in their seventies complaining about adult acne. The reality of the situation is that we are all dealing with something; rosacea, hyperpigmentaion, breakouts and even adult cystic acne for goodness sake.

    I had very bad skin before I began adopting a more alkaline, plant based lifestyle. I am not sure if one had to do with the other but I do remember guzzling a lot of milk when I was younger, like it was water. One thing about acne is that it is not just a physical problem. It really breaks the spirit and becomes very psychological to the person dealing with it.

    When my little sister started to get adult acne it was like I was going through it all over again, but it was even more painful watching her deal with it.  She is one of the kindest, most easy-going women I know. It made me grateful that she had met a man who recognized all those sweet qualities in her too. One day when she was feeling particularly self-conscious about her skin, he told her that if a man chose not to be with a woman because of her skin problems then she should probably not be with him (bless his heart).

    VHW-feb-27-amy-and-i My sister ‘s struggle is one of the biggest reasons I felt I had to create a line that could be as healing as it is protective of the skin. I offer what I call a ‘nutritionist and personal trainer’ for the skin through my products. This is the way you need to think about your makeup and skincare, even if you are not about to get married.  I often think, how interesting it is that we can be applying the most nutritious, plant based cocktail of healing ingredients or we can be applying the most toxic mix of chemicals and it takes the same amount of effort (and sometimes cost too). If you are using food grade, plant based makeup and skincare at least three months prior to your wedding day on a daily basis, your skin will feel nurtured, nourished and protected. When you feel good, you will feel confident and confidence is stunning!

    I recommend watching Spring 2014 by Faced Makeup. It is a beautiful makeup look for Spring and it is also beneficial for anyone who wants a visual tutorial on classic wedding makeup. Keep your makeup simple and make sure you have tried the makeup of your choice before your big day so that you do not react to anything. It should have longevity throughout the day and be water-resistant. Any groom I have ever spoken to would say he just wants to recognize his bride coming down the aisle. So relax, kick your heels up, and have fun looking your most naturally radiant self.

    What are some of your favorite vegan beauty products? Have you used any of the Haut products yet?

    About Haut Cosmetics

    It has been her lifelong passion to bring out a glimpse of the true beauty of anyone who crosses her path. Joanne first embarked on this journey as a young writer. Any free moment was spent sketching pictures or writing poems and short stories about the special people in her life. With a large family of artists in her midst, she learned to appreciate the gift of creativity. Her greatest joy has been in doing freelance makeup for the past fourteen years. Her drive to illustrate beauty gained momentum when she lost one of the most vibrant and influential forces in her life, her grandmother. After her passing her diaries were uncovered and in them her grandmother described feelings of not being ‘pretty enough’. Yet, throughout her life her grandmother’s presence always lit up a room. That is true beauty…so exquisite it is timeless. Joanne’s life experiences have led her to believe that feminine charm is not only in the outward appearance; it is in the way one discreetly pleases the soul. HAUT, meaning ‘skin’ in German, has been created in a divine quest to redefine ‘pretty’ as being a colourful reflection of the inner details. A little about Amy... Amy is a wife and mother of three who enjoys the simple things in life. She strives to bring wholesome goodness to this world whether it is through her friendly personality or through her works. The things that bring joy to her life are family and friends, the smiles on her children’s faces, healthy living which includes maintaining an exercise routine, eating lots of vegetables and fruit and breathing in the freshness of the outdoors. Amy enjoys being a part of her sister’s Haut Cosmetics Line, collaborating on new ideas, contributing to the company’s PR and social media department. When Amy is working outside the home it would be as a Certified Dental Assistant or volunteering at the local Co-op Produce Market.

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    Birdy& Bambi March 5, 2014 at 9:08 am

    Love, love, love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Here is what inspired me recently:

    Love from Germany and a sunny day!



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